Weary Weather Affecting Student Life at Cabot High

Torrie Herrington, Journalism

The transition from October to November has brought a severe drop in temperature and fluctuation of weather. According to The Weather Channel, Cabot had a high of 90 degrees on October 1st.  However, the lingering feeling of summer disappeared overnight in mid-October and dropped even further with November’s chilling appearance. According to Accuweather, November 1st had a high of 56 degrees and a low of 27. In one month, the temperature dropped approximately 40 degrees. The Weather Channel stated that on November 4th, the temperature went up about 12 degrees to a high of 68. However, on the 12th, it dropped 30 degrees to a high of 37. The low for the 12th was 16 degrees, and that is not even the lowest low for this month.

Students at Cabot High have felt the effects of this weather in their everyday lives.

“I think it’s very hard to anticipate and that frustrates me,” sophomore Shelby Peek said. 

She further explained that the weather fluctuates so much, it’s hard to know what type of clothes to wear and how many layers are needed to not freeze. However, even if layers are keeping students warm, they are a hindrance to the classroom. 

“The weather outside is freezing, but classes are hot due to all of the layers,” sophomore Faith Johnson said. 

She explained how she doesn’t like having to take her jackets on and off every class period, but it’s necessary because she doesn’t want to be too hot or too cold. Having to take layers off and then put them back on to walk across campus can be tiring, especially when classes change every hour. 

The weather is also affecting after school activities. Sitting through outside activities can be difficult due to how cold it is. 

“I couldn’t feel my toes, it was so cold; the weather made the football game miserable,” sophomore Olivia Keaton said.

 She had fun hanging out with her friends and watching the game, but sitting in the cold is something no one enjoys. Many students go to football games to cheer on their team, but attendance may start declining due to nobody wanting to suffer the almost unbearable weather. Meteorologist Todd Yakoubian explained on his blog that although Arkansas is going through almost record lows in temperature, it will most likely only see cold rain – no snow. 

Ultimately,  it seems Fall weather will not be showing its face here in Cabot. With the appearance of a major cold front, Winter has arrived early and doesn’t plan on leaving anytime soon. Students should be prepared by bundling up and keeping their umbrellas with them for those rainy days.