The Crash that Killed

Jazmine Whatley, co-editor

Left too Soon
On Sunday, January 26th 2020, somewhere around 9am, a helicopter carrying Kobe Bryant and nine other people left Orange County heading to a travelling basketball game for his daughter, GiGi Bryant. ABC news states that the weather reports issued said the weather was dangerous to fly in that morning due to fog. The law enforcement tells that LAPD air support was grounded because of the weather. The helicopter was in Calabasas, CA (9:40 Am-10 Am) when it was said to have crashed into the side of a mountain and caught fire immediately after. No-one was to have survived the crash. Those aboard were Kobe Bryant (41), Gianna “GiGi” Bryant (13), John Altobelli (56), Keri Altobelli (57), Alyssa Altobelli (13), Sarah Chester (44), Payton Chester (13), Girls’ Basketball Coach Christina Mauser (38) and the Pilot Ara Zobayan (50).
The helicopter crash left many grieving and many of the victims left a legacy many will not will forget.
“Kobe’s death didn’t only affect me personally but it changed everyone’s mindset in the game of basketball,” senior Colyn Owens said.
Kobe Bryant was a role model whose life was cut too short.
“Kobe Bryant has always been the most entertaining athlete to watch for me so it’s very upsetting to see his life go by so soon,” senior Ethan Grice said.
Kobe Bryant’s death, as well as many others, was a tragic one.
“I’m not big on basketball but with the death of Kobe and the others, I couldn’t imagine what their families are going through,” junior Amberly Smith said.
The Bryant family were not the only family who lost someone that day. Four other families are grieving as well: The Altobellis’, the Mausers’, the Zobayans’, the Chesters’, all suffered losses that day. In total, six parents, four basketball players, three children, two coaches, and one pilot were lost in the crash.
“It’s a very tragic thing. You never know what will happen in life because it can change just by doing something you do on a regular basis,” Grice said.
Kobe Bryant’s influence on today’s youth will be felt in years to come.
“Watching him play for his last couple years and the way he carried himself off the court, really changed my mind about how to look at life. No matter what obstacle I go through, now I know I can get through it because of him,” Owens said.