Lizzie Quattlebaum, staff

Quarantine Blog

Lizzie Quattlebum


On September 30th, I was quarantined.

The situation. Due to school guidelines,my return date was October 7th. I was not out the full 14 days because I wasn’t directly exposed to anyone. 

How it all happened. A fellow classmate that I sat by was directly exposed and we both were sent home for per protocol.

My mom was contacted. The health department called my Mom to ask questions about my health and if I needed to get tested. When both parties looked into it, it was determined I wasn’t directly exposed. A letter was sent to school allowing me to come back as long as I didn’t show any symptoms. 

What I did. Being home with my dog all day was enjoyable. One positive thing about being at home is not having to wake up early or get ready which was nice. Waking up whenever you want to, logging into your computer and doing most of your work without having to leave the comfort of your bed. 

My struggles. Online learning is a struggle for many students that’s why they chose to come to school so being quarantined can be hard on them. Having material to read and not being physically taught a new thing in the classroom can be stressful and cause students to possibly get behind. 

My summary. Students being sent home for two weeks and not seeing their friends can be stressful. Only being able to text isn’t enough for some students. Socialization is important for everyone, even if you don’t talk to anyone, being around people can help.