Gina Honea
Gina Honea is a Senior this year and will graduate at 17 years old. Gina loves to doodle and play all types of games. Her favorites are Uno, Clue, Super Mario Bros, Monopoly, and the infamous Minecraft. She used to dabble in lots of sports as a child such as Softball, Soccer, and Basketball for small local teams and for the High school as a Freshman.

She has five siblings in total. Three of the five are step siblings, but she loves them non the less. She has six lovable dogs in her life named Pepper, Koda, Rorry, Chance, Levi, and Princess Leia. Gina hopes to have fun with her life and to not miss out on the opportunities in front of her. She hopes to someday have two children, a loving spouse, a kitten, and a good paying job to live comfortably.

Gina honea, Editor

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