Cody Heifner

Cody was born with cerebral palsy, it affected his right side which happened to be his natural dominant side. He had a mild case compared to most, he wasn't wheelchair and still retained the use of both of his arms but his right arm was still extremely weak and he could hardly use it. 

Cody was naturally frail and couldn't do what most kids could. This bothered him when he was younger but as he grew he realized that he’d have it forever, there was nothing he could do to get rid of it so he’d have to simply do what he could do. 

He found that if you sat around and complained you got nowhere but if you accepted it and moved on you could start to appreciate life a lot more and find what can make you happy. He found that writing or storytelling made him happy, it's what he wanted to do, it wasn't his first choice but he felt content with it, he found where he belonged.


Cody Heifner, Staff

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Cody Heifner