Tiana Olguin
Tiana Olguin is a Junior in high school. She is 16 years old being followed and looked up to by 6 younger siblings. Her mother and father are both loving, caring, and supportive of all activities and accomplishments made up till now. Tiana’s family is a big group of military brats. Moving from state to state, changing schools, and making new friends. Tiana has accomplished becoming a babysitter for her parents while they work. Also, helping in the toddler nursery of her church and watching kids outside of the church. 

Her future is heading towards attending the military life style like her father. Which will lead her to college earning a bachelor’s degree in photography. Some hobbies of Tiana include photography outside of school. When she’s older, she insists on being a professional photographer to help her capture life after high school. 

Tiana Olguin, Staff

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Tiana Olguin