Senior Accomplishments

Kira McHale, Staff

Desirae Michelle Handy

Learning self love 12th grade.

Haylee Kilgore

10-12th, got all 1’s at All-State.

William Lomon

Made it to State in Robotics, 12th.

Grace Davis

All State Band-10,11,12

Principal Player at All-Region band-9,10,11,12                  

Principal Player at UCA honor band-11,12

Cabot Band Co-Captain-12

Arkansas Tech Top Woodwind Award-12

Alexander Gabriel Hopper

CLC distinguished cadet-11, Boys State Boys nation senator-11 Boys Nation Flag detail Commander-11, passing my Suicide Prevention Bill at Boy’s Nation-11, Boys Nation commandant of the Marine Corp-11, Naval Academy summer seminars graduate-11, Cadet 2nd Lt in AFJROTC-12, Creating The Cabot High School Student Organization for suicide prevention-12, being accepted to University of Memphis-12.

David Rowe

I accomplished several things, being an intern for church with a group of people. 12th Grade, I achieved National Technical Honor Society in 12th grade.

Tristen Bowen

Good grades all years.

Swimming all years.

Passing all years.

Surviving all years.

Sean Michael Perdue

All Region 1st Band – 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th

All State 2nd Band – 11th

All State 1st Band – 12th

Solo Ensemble 1st Division Quintet – 10th, 11th, 12th

State Solo Ensemble 1st Division Quintet – 11th

Solo Ensemble 1st Division Solo – 9th, 11th, 12th

State Solo Ensemble 1st Division Solo – 11th

Solo Ensemble 1st Division Trio – 12th

Megan Michelle Chavez

A’s and B’s all the way up to 11th grade. NHS in 10th grade.

Medical completer from 10th to 12th grade.

Hannah Brookings

All-State Band 10-12

All-Region Band 10-12

Drum Major 12

Larae Faye Caudle Shurley

I have accomplished much in high school. AP-Academy, National Honor Society, National Science Honor Society, National Spanish Honor Society, Book Club Secretary, and gotten the Academic Medal. I have been in band for six years, marched on the football field, done solo’s every year, and performed with my fellow band peers. I have made friends, debated, and learned how to speak to others without stuttering. I have a GPA of 4.0 and trying hard to get a 4.1. I have accomplished much in high school, and it’s because of the support I’ve had in and out of school.

Alexis Taylor

I have made all-region choir, and all A’s and B’s throughout high school. I’ve gotten many scholarships and acceptance to ASU-Beebe! I am currently taking CNA classes! It’s a great opportunity and a fun experience.

Hannah Jones

Dance Team Member-10,11,12

Dance Team Captain- 12

National Honor Society-10,11,12

Spanish National Honor Society-12

Junior Civitan-12

Mu Alpha Theta-10,11,12

Sidekicks-10, 11, 12

All American Dancer-12

All Stars Dancer – 12

A/B Honor Roll-10,11,12

Spanish Club-12

Crown Club- 10, 11, 12

Science Honor Society – 12

AP Student- 10, 11,12

Chloe Palczynsky

A few certificates in JAG.

Ian Valentine

Finding happiness 11th.

Jaden Potter

NHS (10-12)

Caleb Wayne Lester

Lettered in JROTC Raiders 10th grade, Real Proud of Real Panthers award 12th, Leadership Team Captain 11th, JROTC Raider Co-captain 11th, Sons of the American Revolution Award 10th, Creative Writing Award 10th

Somer Shannon

In 9th and 10th grade, I qualified to Speech and Debate Nationals. In 11th grade, I went to Arkansas Girls State and represented Arkansas at the YMCA Conference on National Affairs.

Bryan Souza

I have been awarded multiple academic achievements throughout high school, but I am most prideful in my soccer achievements: All-Conference 10th and 11th and Captain 12th.

Houston Douglas Barber

Being in Band (10-12th), becoming “trombone dad” (12th), being Treasurer of Chess Club (12th), being Secretary of Coding Club (12th)

Alexsis Byrd

National Dramatic Interpretation Finalist, 12

Second place Dramatic Interpretation, 12

National Forensics League Degree of Distinction, 12

International Thespian Society President, 12

Young Democrats Co-President, 12

Informative Finalist, 11

Poetry Finalist, 11

CPR certified, 10

First Aid certified, 10

Nathan McCool

Real Proud of Real Panthers Student Recognition – 2018

Armed inspection, 2nd place performance, Airline High School – 2018

Armed exhibition, 1st place performance, Airline High School – 2018

Armed regulation, 1st place performance, Airline High School – 2018

Academic team, 1st place performance, Airline High School – 2018

A/B Honor Roll – 2018

PAP Spanish II Outstanding Student – 2018

Air Force Association Award – 2018

Inspection, 1st place performance, North Little Rock – 2018

Male Color Guard, 4th place performance, North Little Rock – 2018

Co-Ed Color guard, 1st place performance, North Little Rock – 2018

AFJROTC Promotion – C/Lt Col – 2018

AMVETs Spirit of America Youth Leadership Conference – 2017

Inspection, 1st Place Performance, Alma – 2017

Outstanding Leadership Award, Cadet Leadership Camp –  2017

Warrior Flight, Cadet Leadership Camp – 2017

A/B Honor Roll – 2017

American Legion General Military Excellence Award – 2017

Color Guard, 1st place performance, North Little Rock – 2017

Armed Exhibition team, 2nd place, Ft. Chaffee – 2017

AFJROTC Promotion C/SMSgt. – 2017

Lifeguard Certification – 2017

Cadet of the month – 2016

Armed Exhibition team, 1st place routine, Van Buren – 2016

Color Guard, 2nd place performance, Van Buren –  2016

AFJROTC Promotion C/MSgt. – 2016

Bronze percentile placing, PFT – 2016

All A Honor Roll – 2016

Outstanding Cadet  – 2016

Tuskegee Airman Award  – 2016

All region 1st Band  – 2015

AFJROTC Promotion C/SSgt.  – 2015

Vice Group Commander – 2018-2019

Honor Guard Squadron Commander – 2017

Honor Guard First Sergeant – 2016-2017

Honor Guard PT Commander – 2016-2017

New Cadet Commander, Greenwood Drill Comp – 2015

Summit Ministries Graduate – 2018

Electric Cooperatives Of Arkansas Youth Tour – 2018

USNA Summer Seminar – 2018

AMVETs Spirit of America Youth Leadership Conference – 2017

Cadet Leadership Camp – 2017

Athena Bills

Tech Crew 11 and 12

Arin Marie Winstead

The one thing that I really accomplished was being able to attend Arkansas Governor’s School in Conway (2018). And of course being in NHS (9th-present), NTHS (11th-present), NFL (9th), and NSHSS (10th-present).

Nicholas Owen Blanford

10-4.0 GPA; 11-4.1 GPA; 12-26 ACT

Maddy Gilbey

Graduating and making it this far.

Emily Madyson Tucker

Academic Excellence Award: 10-12

National Honor Society: 10-12

Medical Completer: 10-12

Choir Completer: 10-12

Natasha LeBouf

1st, 2nd, and 3rd in the Art Show.

Cora Hicks

FFA Greenhand degree (9th), FFA Chapter degree (10th), FFA State degree (11th), FFA President (12th), FFA Vice President (11th), FFA Honors (11th), Technical Honor Society (12th)

Emily Guthro

I have made many new friends, and I’ve excelled in my academics. I have also won many art awards like the Governor’s Mansion and Congressional Art Awards (1st place).

Sydney Elias

I have won a few art competitions in ninth grade and eleventh grade. I have gathered many hours of community service over all four years. I am also going to receive cords for Key Club, Jr Civilian Club, and Art Honor Society, as well as be inducted into Art Honor Society this year, my senior year. I was also a part of the prom committee in my junior year, and I have been a band member and a marching band member all 3 years.

Alexander Dunn

First Responder training with Mrs. Rush, junior year. ROTC 3 years.

Chasity Handley

All A’s and B’s in 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th (I hope).

Makayla Cearns

Cabot Marching Band 10-12

Archery 10-12

NHS 10-12


Felisha Frolos

FACS completer.

Walter lanehart

Become President of Skills USA Criminal Justice Club in 12th grade.

Makenzie Paige Whited

I have made it this far with a positive attitude and the motivation to help those who need it most. The biggest achievement for me is making a difference for those who deserve it.

Adrianna Jean Winstead

My biggests accomplishments? Well, in 9th grade, I earned the “Best of Art 2” award. That was pretty cool. Then in 10th grade, I was selected to go to HOBY Leadership camp at SAU. Right after, I got to go to CLC Leadership Course for a week in Louisiana. And in 11th grade, I went to AGS. But in all reality, my biggest accomplishment was bettering myself from how I used to be.

Alissa Maelynn Collum


Abby Ivy

Future Educators of America Co-President, senior year. Impacting Tomorrow Summit Children’s Literature first place award.

Megan Sallinger

I became a completer in the FFA Program.

Ashleigh Farrell

Junior – Squatting and deadlifting 225 lbs.

Abigail Faith McFarlin

I have join National Honor Society in 11th grade, I have gotten my Green Hand degree in FFA, I have join NTHS my 12th grade year and many more.

Aspen Rene Fitzgerald

Being in a high up math class.

KeAundra LaSha Jones

Passing my classes.

Holly Rebecca Jones

10- Top All American Cheerleader at NCA camp, Sports Medicine Honors

11-Sports Medicine Honors

12- Sports Medicine club Sweetheart

Rachel Butler

Sophomore: Merited in a Small Human Video for Fine Arts; Junior: Performed at Nationals for Large Human Video for Fine Arts; Senior: Made Drum Major for Marching Band, made Chief Editor on the PantherTale school newspaper.

Jasmine Coffman

Completing 3 years of AFJROTC- Freshman, sophomore, and junior year

Completion CNA- Senior year

Ivy Gonzalez

Being a member of National Honor Society (9-12)

Volunteering in my community (9-12)

A dual completer in both medical tracks (10-12)

Maintaining the Honors track (9-12)

Barrett Wayne Stark

All of carpentry 10th and electrical 11th and plumbing 12 all of my agriculture classes 10th and 11th.

Ashley Cox

10th- started actually caring about my grades

11th-got straight A’s all year for the first time

12th- graduation

William Andrew Nickols

Superficial accomplishments are not needed to make me feel happy about myself.

George Thomas Brown

Being able to tryout for All State twice.

Connor Gaunt

3 time State Champion 2016, 2017, 2018

Arkansas All preps golfer of the year 2016, 2017

Arkansas State Golf Association Player of the year 2017, 2018

A honor roll 2016, 2017

Felisha  Frolos

Get a FACS cord.

Garret Michael Hardcastle

Each grade 9,10,11.

Christian Barbery

Stuff and things.

Dustin Eric Lauderdale

Lots of trophies from different debate tournaments too many to specify by grade.

Sanders Hilburn

Making All State Andy maintaining above a 4.0 for two years.

Kaycie Merrell

Completed 18 college hours my senior year.

Tristen Bowen

Obtaining a 3.5 GPA or higher all years all state soph-sen state champ senior.

April Galindo

Passing chemistry and biology in 10th grade.

Kristien Cierra Jones

I made it to graduation.

Peyton Farnam

Making All Region Band – 11, 12

Clayton Flesher

Construction and agri classes.

Jackson B. Lane

Perfect Attendance 11th grade.

Jordan Jackson Moore

Many forensics awards.

Many broadcasting awards.

Zachery Spears

Honors-all years, medical completer.

Azura Adams

29 ACT Composite and 30 Superscore- Junior year

4.0 GPA- Senior year

A-B Honor Roll- Sophomore, junior

1st Division Brass Quintet- Sophomore, senior

1st All Region Band and All State Qualifier- Junior, senior

2nd All Region Band- Sophomore

Cabot Winterguard Equipment Soloist- Junior

Grace Davis

Arkansas All State Band- 10,11,12

All State Chamber Orchestra- 11,12

Principal Player at All Region Band- 9,10,11,12

All Star Medal at Frontlines Color Guard Camp- 10,11,12

Cabot High School Band Color Guard Co-Captain

Principal Player in Cabot Wind Symphony- 10,11,12

Cerenity Roles

Marching Band 10-12

Band 7-12

Elizabeth Schaefer

Student choreographer for theatre – 11,12

Academic Excellence Year 1 – 10

Academic Excellence Year 2 – 11

Medallion – 12

Hannah Mowry

I have accomplished making All State all three years of high school.

Michael Jacob Wall

Getting a scholarship.

Lauren Turner

Obtaining higher than a 4.0 GPA, having the fastest 800m time in the state my sophomore and junior year (senior year track season isn’t over yet), graduating from NHS, being a member of Crown Club (10-12), receiving the President’s Award for Educational Excellence (10th and 11th), Real Proud of Real Panthers Award (12th)

Jacob Parker Venable

Made new friends, getting to graduate – 12th

Blair Nichols

Top five percent of my class (12th grade). Captain of the basketball team (12th).

Nathaniel Jordan Shirley

Being an Ag kid.

Eric Tyler Gillaspy

Just generic grades and ACT and test scores that I am proud of throughout the years.

Rainey Renee Ross

A and B Honor Roll all three years. Dorothy in Wizard of Oz ,11th grade 2017-2018. Rizzo in Grease 12th grade, 2018-2019. Secretary of Crown Club ,10-12 grade. Member of National Honor Society, 10-12. Member of Medical Academy, 10-12.

Faith Christine Brown

I have gotten to finals and placed at almost all of my Forensics tournaments in high school.

I have maintained a 3.5 GPA.

Koleton Lee Eastham

Getting the Real Proud of Real Panthers Award in the 11th grade. And maintaining a 4.0 10th through 12th grade.

Felisha Renea Kin

Well I’m about to graduate high school.

Pamela Marie Powell

All State in Dance – 12th, Straight A’s, many volunteer hours in clubs, All American Dancer – 11th & 12th

Natasha LeBouf

Art show 1st place, 11th grade

Jayden Weaver

I passed all grades.

Brianna Nicole Hobbs

Having a 3.0 average.

Haley renee phifer

Doing better in math – A+

Christian Huggins

I survived – A+

Grace Morris

School plays. AB Honor Roll. Becoming a better person!

Haley Puckett

Honor Roll all the years.

Jakeisha Fadasha Keyonnia Robinson

Yes, learning new things.

Tyler Franjesevic

I’ve become an Engineering Completer, and I have maintained above a 3.0 GPA throughout high school.

Mckenzie King

Improving my grades.

Dakota Sierra Sternweis

Making All Region every year, making All State senior year, qualifying for All State all years, being on the Honor Roll all year.

Jacklin weeks

I received Medical Honors.

Braden Zerbe

Being an honor student all through high school.

Logan Bain

I passed.

Cerron Marie Davis

I am glad that I did medical classes because I will be getting Medical Completers and I was able to be in National Honor Society and get a cord. I am graduating with honors.

Kiana Hopper

I earned my CPR license. I got 100% retention in Medical Terminology.

Jayden Shelton

My senior and junior year I strived hard and got all A’s.

Hayden Taylor Chapman

12th, making to second round of State in volleyball.

Dejah Jimerson

NHS 10-12, Academic Letter; 10-11, A/B Honor Roll Above 3.5; 9-12, 501 Magazine; Student Athlete, 12

Rebekah Conley

Working 30+ hours a week and still maintaining above a 3.5 GPA.

Amber Highfill

Being in Color Guard for all three years.

Callie Harwood

Bowling State Champs 2017-2019; Conference Champs 2017-2019; All Region Choir 2015-2018; All State Choir Tryout eligible 2017; SouthWestern American Choral Directors Association Honor Choir 2016 & 2018

Brian Blaine Calhoon

Winning the 6A Golf State Championship senior year.

Ethan Bowen

Honor Guard Exhibition Commander (JROTC): 10th grade Honor Guard Deputy (JROTC): 11th Grade Logistics First Sergeant: 10th Grade Logistics Squadron Commander (JROTC): 12th Grade 1st Chair Viola in AR Youth Symphony: 10th Grade Maintaining a 3.5+ GPA every year.

David Matthew Holetz

Eagle Scout – 10th grade

Alli Kaye Lewis

More confidence, during every grade.

Jeremiah Brown

Forensics Captain & success within Forensics (7-12); only person from Cabot chosen as a 2019 U.S. Presidential Scholar Candidate (12); Arkansas Governor’s School (11); multiple club activities & leadership positions throughout the majority.

Gracen Turner

All State Soccer – 10th and 11th

Loretta Turner

Conference & State Champion bowling 10-12TH; Conference Champions Golf- 12th

Zhane Harper

All-State, 2x all conference, all area MVP, All Arkansas Team, all area best DB, 3.35 GPA

Walter Clay Lanehart

Became president of the Skills USA Criminal Justice Club ,12th grade.

Blaze Buchanan Carmical

I flew my first Hour of Flight training (12th), I raised $1000 for a man who was practically homeless (11th), and I helped people to achieve their goals as best as I could throughout my whole high school career, which is an accomplishment to me (all grades).

Alexander Gabriel Hopper

Nation – 11, Safetalk Certified – 11, State Senate Page – 12, Cadet Second Lieutenant AFJROTC – 12, Facilities Flight Commander Afjrotc – 12, founded the CHS student organization for Suicide Prevention – 12

Taylor Andrews

I made it.

Jackson Kincade

10-Beat Diabetes; 11 – Won local dance competition; 12 – Got accepted to University of Arkansas

Kristen Carter

I got accepted into 3 different colleges this year.

Alyssa Brockway

Standout Student – First Responder: 10th grade Academic Letter I; 10th grade Academic Letter II; 11th grade

Brennan Stephens

Won the State Trapshooting Tournament – 10; became a scuba diver – 10; got my pilots licence – 12

Harrison Doyle Mott

Honor Roll (10-12) Being a member of the High School Soccer Team (10th-12th)

Cody Wayne Hall

Complete in Auto Tech.

Ally Flynn

I have made All-Region band twice, in 10th and 12th grade. I have been in National Honor Society since 10th grade. I am receiving my medallion for never having lower than a B in high school, that’s this year, in 12th grade. And I am graduating with honors, if I don’t mess up this semester.

Skylar Reed

I’m getting a FACS Cord and I have kept my GPA above a 3.7 all throughout high school.

Emily Swan

I made Choir All Region in 11th and 12th.

Madison Lee-Ann Tharpe

I am getting a chord for being in Choir from 9-12th grade.

Chandler Smith

Hoco court 9-12

Best of Show 9-1

Honors 9-12

NHS 9-12

Art Honors Society 9-12

Theatre Thespian 9-12

Sierra Faith Fortner

3.9375 gpa, Senior Leadership Assistant of the CHS Color Guard, making a 100% on the complete Medical Terminology test, being apart of Honors, National Honors Society, Spanish Honors Society, National Technical Honors Society and making some good memories/friends.

Brianna Nunez

In 10th grade I was part of NHS.

Soterry Mao

Passing all my medical classes with A’s and B’s.

Reid Andrew Gullett

I’ve kept a 3.5 GPA, worked 40 hours a week and attended school junior and senior year. Also, I’ve done a lot of things as part of JROTC.

Brianne Whitley

Making it to the end.

Michelle Wessel

NHS 10, 11-12

NTHS Officer, 11-12

FEA Officer, 12

Spanish Honors, 10-12

Academic Honor Roll, 10-12

Honors, 10-12

Band Honors, 10-12

FACS Completer, 10-12

Emilee Marshall

Academic Medallion – 9&12, Presidential Award – 9

Allison Shea Copeland

Swimming all 4 years; higher than a 3.5 GPA all 4 years.

Kyler Ethan Franks

3.5 GPA, sophomore year – 2017 Baseball State Champ, Conference Champ. Senior year Honor Grad, and graduating

Jessica Cockrill

Managing a 3.0 GPA my senior year of high school.

Gabrielle Dodson

Having good grades.