2022-2023 Staff

Student Life Reporter

Mickel Bailey

Mickel Bailey is the Student Life Reporter of the 2022-2023 edition of  panthertale.com He likes to read, write, and tell jokes that aren't exactly tactful. He is the eldest of two siblings, Jolie and Jamie, and definitely gets...

Fine Arts Reporter

Lana Gates

Lana Gates is the 2022-2023 Fine Arts reporter for panthertale.com. Lana was born in Louisiana and moved to Arkansas in 2016. She plays the saxophone for the Cabot Marching Band. She is also the Design Editor for yearbook. Lana...

Academic Reporter

Jackson White

Meet Jackson White, the man behind the academics section of panthertale.com this year, as well as the Co-Editor of the 2022-2023 yearbook. He is the eldest of his two siblings and he has the maturity to prove it; he enjoys coo...

Agricultural and AutoTech Reporter

Bailey Winstead

Bailey Winstead is the Agricultural and AutoTech reporter of panthertale.com, she is a senior in high school who writes endlessly in her personal time. She is incredibly passionate about music and enjoys genres such as rock, slow...

Sports Reporter

Cayla Garcia

Cayla Garcia is a junior in high school. She is the sports reporter for the 2022-2023 panthertale.com. Cayla enjoys reading and writing in her spare time. She enjoys writing poetry and reading books by Ellen Hopkins, as well a...


Kathryn Bland

Kathryn Bland is the editor of the 2022-2023 edition of panthertale.com. Kathryn, who goes by KatieLynn, is currently a senior at Cabot High School. She is an infatuated lover of science and animals. KatieLynn has two cats, tw...

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