Looking Back – Senior Section

Gina Honea, Co Editor

Desirae Michelle Handy

Don’t lack in school, your grades depend on how you live your life.

Tristen Bowen

It only gets harder from here.

Brianna Dawson

Tell people you love them while you can.

Caleb Wayne Lester

Don’t be afraid to take chances.

Nathan McCool

Work hard, keep a consistent sleep schedule, and most importantly be friendly. Don’t get caught up in the grades. Take the types of classes you enjoy and “get good” at those as opposed to doing things that get boring fast. It’s not the end of the world if you get a B or C. However, challenge yourself and give each class the proper effort. Finally, don’t ever do something because you’re pressured into doing it.

Paige Elizabeth Lasiter

Take advantage of every opportunity given to you!

Emily Guthro

I advise them to try hard from the start. I tried my best all the years before senior year and now I’m not as stressed. I don’t have the stress of trying to keep my GPA up because I didn’t slack years before.

Chasity Handley

Don’t procrastinate.

Felisha Frolos

Work hard. Do your bell ringers on time.

Devyn Louise Britt

Stay focused, even during senior year.

Caitlyn Rogers

Do not wish it away.

William Andrew Nickols

Don’t push everything off until your senior year. It will just stress you out. I wish I had started caring a little earlier. I got all A’s through high school except English, but if I had been more motivated earlier on I would have taken the PSAT, tried more on the ACT, and started figuring out what I want to do earlier.

Dustin Eric Lauderdale

Do your work, it’s annoying but probably worth it.

Kristien Cierra Jones

Be yourself and follow your dreams, take the ACT earlier and get help.

Nathaniel Jordan Shirley

Don’t skip 24 days in class.

Liliana Tenorio

Keep working hard, and follow your dreams.

Natasha LeBouf

Don’t leave things until the last minute to do them.

Christian Huggins

Try not to think about it.

Mckenzie king

Get to your classes on time and never be late. Always be on time if you can. Do your work.

Kiana Hopper

It is okay to be uncertain. It is okay to not excel in everything you do. It is okay to make mistakes. It is okay to be you! High school is a learning experience. Give it your all but don’t let mishaps get in your way of molding yourself into who you want to be in the future. You got this!

Rebekah Conley


Alli Kaye Lewis

Don’t rush it.

Alissa Maelynn Collum

Do not give up yes it is hard to do but it is worth it to graduate.  

Harrison Doyle Mott

Work hard and never give up.

Austin Calhoun


Allison Shea Copeland

Pay attention to deadlines! They come quickly!