I Wish – Senior Edition

Gina honea, Co Editor

Caleb Wayne Lester

I wish I had joined a sport, theater, or some other extracurricular activity besides clubs.

Emily Guthro

I wish I was more involved in other things the school did. I kept to myself and the friends I always had.

Caitlyn Rogers

Had more fun.

Dustin Eric Lauderdale

Taken more science classes.

Michael Jacob Wall

Went through Web Design class.

Liliana Tenorio

To be more involved.

Natasha LeBouf

Not doing all of my work on time.

Christian Huggins

Yeah, I wish I had moved.

Mckenzie king

Cheating on a test.

Kiana Hopper

I wish I had opened up more to people.

Rebekah Conley

Joined more clubs.

Alli Kaye Lewis  

Took it more seriously.

Alissa Maelynn Collum

Yes, I wish I would of try to make friends and should have not started stuff in 7th or 8th grade with people.  

Blaze Buchanan Carmical

I wish I hadn’t gotten a C in one or two of my classes. If I hadn’t I would still be getting honors and I would have a GPA higher than a 3.5.

Austin Calhoun

Made higher grades.