Favorite Memories – Senior Section

Marcus Shurley, Staff Member

Allison Blakely Page

Meeting my boyfriend, who I’ve been with since 9th grade.

Katelyn Burnett

Meeting my friends.

Madi Houck

All of the football games.

William Lomon

Too many to choose.

Grace Davis

The guard bus rides on the way to band competitions.

Alexander Gabriel Hopper

Creating a student organization for suicide prevention.

David Rowe

Outside of school, I do, but not here.

Tristen Bowen

Is winning the 200 IM at state.

Sean Michael Perdue

Band In general is/was my favorite memory in high school.

Megan Michelle Chavez

I loved 8th grade because I met one of my best friends.

Larae Faye Caudle Shurley

My favorite memory is the toga party at Mrs. Lee’s English class where we debated if Brutus deserved to go to hell or not. I also remember all the times in band with Mr. Hearts “Life stories”.

Alexis Taylor

I loved being in choir.

Brianna Dawson

Anything that has to do with Marching Band & Color Guard.

Hannah Jones

Yes, my favorite memory is when Coach Hillenburg announced her pregnancy.

Ian Valentin

Meeting all my friends.

Jaden Potter

Hosting the softball state tournament and making it to the semi-finals.

Caleb Wayne Lester

My favorite memory has been the football games doing pushups with JROTC on the Panther Pride team and watching the games.

Carson Reaves

My favorite memory is seeing myself and those around me growing up. I’ve loved seeing my friends mature and find out who they are to themselves, as well as see myself mature over time. I’ve loved being with my friends and even though I’ve lost a few along the way, I’ll never regret having them in my life.

Madison Faith Thomas

My favorite memory would be from my crime scene class when me and two of my friends would get to take pictures out in the hallway and just look back on all of the fun times we had in that class.

Bryan Souza

When the student section broke the bleacher at a football game.

Houston Douglas Barber

Going to one of my final marching competitions at A-State. I had a great time, gave my best in our performance, and we won. I will never forget that time we were all sitting in the bleachers and seeing the surprises on our faces when we got first place. Everyone was ecstatic and we went on the field to celebrate our victory.

Nathan McCool

So on Ms.Mills board, Nathan writes “Nathan prom date spot is open” or something to that effect. I come in behind him and write my number on the board. Then a third person comes in a writes “call this number for a good time.” Well the third period goes by and nothing happens(It’s Ms.Mills plan period) so does fourth. Fifth gets here and middle of the way through class I get a call. I pick up because the locator says it’s from Cabot. Turns out, its someone calling my number I put up on the board. We talk and start planning a “date”(jokingly of course) All said and done, my whole class had to put up their phones because apparently I was speaking loudly and everyone could hear me. My phone wasn’t on speaker. And I got out phone/music privileges taken away. Was it worth it? Absolutely.

Alexsis Byrd

There are so many good memories from my years. However, my favourite had to be when I got second place at a forensics tournament with my dramatic interpretation. I had never taken the event before so placing was amazing.

Athena Bills

Getting with my boyfriend.

Amber Nicole Highfill

Being apart of the band.

Arin Marie Winstead

Not necessarily, I have many that make me happy.

Nicholas Owen BlanfordI

Taught my little brother how to drive and it made my heart happy.

Paige Elizabeth Lassiter

The school trip to Europe was one of my favorite memories!!

Maddy Gilbey

I met the most important people that mean so much to me and I’m so thankful for them.

Emily Madyson Tucker

Honestly, it’d be the memories I look back at now that high school is practically over for me!

Cora Hicks

Being elected FFA president.

Emily Guthro

My favorite memory from all my years of school is line 89. It’s always fun to see the excitement and to celebrate the seniors hard work. I’m so excited it’s finally my turn.

Sydney Elias

I do not have a specific memory, but my most favorite ones are Friday nights at football games in the band barn. This year I have had so much fun playing trumpet, messing around, and just having fun with everyone up there. I feel like I am a part of something when I am with the band. Performing at halftime always gave me butterflies but it was fun.

Hannah Nicole Horton

My favorite memory from school was meeting the friends I’m still close with freshman year.

Reem Filet

Meeting new friends and teachers.

Alexander Dunn

Yes, DDBB, it’s a name of a group for my friends.

Kayson Williams

I was always the teacher’s pet so my favorite memory would be being some of my teachers favorites.

Makayla Cearns

Cabot Marching Band.

Samuel Savage

My most favorite memory from all of my 4 years would definitely be when we had the bomb threat and we were in lockdown. My teacher wanted to keep us calm so we had a hungry hungry hippos competition and all ate stale chips from a Christmas party that was months ago. It was the best memory I’ll never forget.

Peyton Alexys Fan


Felisha From

Meeting my best friend in the 5th grade.

Makenzie Paige Whited

I don’t have one, I have many. High school is always said to be the best years of your life because of all of the experiences that you get to experience. I’ve had the opportunity to be in medical classes, tech crew for shows, and FFA, all of which have sparked a passion for my future.

McCall Mayhair

Making homecoming queen.

Adrianna Jean Winstead

My favorite memory from high school is going to my first military ball as a freshman. Everything just went so smoothly and I loved every moment of it. I wish I could go back and relive it for one night.

Devyn Louise Britt

Going to state for volleyball.

Abby Ivy

Mrs. Nyborg, anything and everything about her Orientation to Teaching classes. My favorite part of high school BY FAR.

Ashleigh Farrell

When I had a pushup contest with some ROTC kids in the student section and all the people were cheering me on and won.

Abigail Faith McFarlin

My favorite memory out of all of high school would every minute I have spent with my FFA family. I have met a group of students and teachers who have shaped me into the person I am. Friends who will last a lifetime. Teachers who have pushed me to do more and be involved. Without any of their help I wouldn’t know my limits and wouldn’t have ever left my comfort zone.

Aspen Rene Fitzgerald

Marching Band, Color Guard.

KeAundra LaSha Jones

Stuff me and friends said in science hallway.

Holly Rebecca Jones

Hands down Flipping Fridays at Mountain Springs when Mrs.Fletcher would tumble in the hallway.

Rachel Butler

All Marching Band Memories.

Jasmine Coffman

My favorite memories was all of my years in AFJROTC.

Ivy Gonzalez

Going to HOSA in sophomore year.

Ashley Cox

All of my English Classes.

William Andrew Nichols

Naptime in Kindergarten.

Morgan Tindall

A lot of my ROTC memories from freshman to sophomore year.

George Thomas Brown


Connor Gaunt Winning

3 State championships.

Felisha Frolos

Hanging out with my 4 friends.

Garrett Michael Hardcastle

1st day of school.

Dustin Eric Lauderdale

No, I have too many to pick one.

Sanders Hilburn

Playing my junior year spring concert.

Kaycie Merrell

Getting a 29 on my act.

April Galindo

Meeting my boyfriend. ❤️

Meagan Welcher

The friends and the teachers I got close with.

Kristien Cierra Jones

Friday night lights.

Harmony Stauth

Practicing singing for church in Mrs. Mcghees room.

Peyton Farnam

There are too many to choose from.

Zachery Spears

Too many to have just one.

Azura Adams

My favorite memory from high school is all the times we performed our marching show during half time. Though 50% of the audience was disrespectful most of the time and didn’t pay attention, the ones that cheered, clapped, shushed others, and encouraged us made me feel so special, like I was more than just a guard member on the field.

Cerenity Roles

Winning competitions with my band family.

Hannah Mowry


Michael Jacob Wall

Writing my first Java Program because it showed me what I want to do in life.

Luke Falcinelli

All of my various Twitter beefs with the band

Lauren Turner

Running track.

Blair Nichols

Playing basketball in panther arena.

Eric Tyler Gillaspie

Taking my ACT that got me a 34.

Rainey Renee Ross

Playing Rizzo in Grease.

Faith Christine Brown

I was very involved in our Forensics program. My favorite memories of high school are all of the amazing tournaments that I went on with my team. I will miss my team and all of the bond that I have made.

Koleton Lee Eastham

Getting a job at Pinnacle Structures.

Felisha Renea King

Meeting my bestie Megan Sallinger.

Pamela Marie Powell

Being on the Dance Team with my friends.

Natasha LaBeouf

Meeting my best friend Jaidyn and my other very close friends.

Chase Foiles

AP Environmental Science class.

Brianna Nicole Hobbs

All the teachers and friends I made.

Haley Renee Phifer

11th grade prom with a boy.

Christian Huggins

Yes, the ones over the weekend where I wasn’t at school.

Grace Morris

Football games.

Haley Puckett

My favorite memories are with Mrs. Jimmerson, Mr. Daughtery, and Mrs. Kester.

Jakeisha Fadasha Keyonnia Robinson

Yes I do!

Tyler Franjesevic

All of my marching shows and band trips.

Dakota Sierra Sternweis

Being in band and going on band trips.

Jacklin Weeks

Being in the medical academy, it was so much fun.

Braden Zerbe

Just being with my friends.

Cerron Marie Davis

HOSA state competition and the CNA class because it offer many opportunities.

Kiana Hopper

Being in medical classes.

Jayden Shelton

Meeting all of my closest friends.

Hayden Taylor Chapman

Senior year.

Dejah Jimerson

Basketball season.

Rebekah Conley

Football games.

Callie Harwood

2018 State Bowling Championship “6 pin win”.

Ethan Bowen

Going on Drill Meets with JROTC.

David Matthew Holetz

All of the time I have been able to spend with good friends.

Alli Kaye Lewis

All the greatest memories would have to be meeting my friends after class, & spirit week and all the exciting days.

Jason Lin Bongfeldt

Nah the same as the day before really.

Jeremiah Brown

First panther football win or bentonville’s forensics tournament & stopping at the Flying J.

Greyson Turner

Lunch conversations.

Loretta Turner

My favorite memory is of the video that went around twitter of Mr. Hawkins falling over the bench in the courtyard.

Jerry Fleenor

My friends.

Landon Miller

Going home.

Zhane Harper

Playing on Friday nights.

Walter Clay Lanehart

My favorite memory was being able to leave school.

Blaze Buchanan Carmical

My favorite memory was from mh senior year. I had been selected to go on a trip, paid for, to the Air Force Academy. To go had been the best decision I had ever made. It was amazing there, the views were beautiful, the facilities amazing, and the people supportive of everything you do. I would go there again on another trip if I could in a heartbeat.

Selena Todd

That I met my best friend Hayle.

Conner Jensen

Spending time with my buddies at lunch. Always a blast to look back on.

Taylor Andrews

Track i miss hanging with my friends at the meets and before a meet we would go get something to eat.

Jackson Kincaid

Beating my NHS probation case.

Kristen Carter

The day the air conditioner went out so we gotta go home early.

Chloe E Palczynski

All the football games and prom.

Alyssa Brockway

Laughing at jokes with my teachers.

Cameron Bella

My Senior Prank.

Annalise Winters

Driving to pensacola beach with my friends.

Brennan Stephens

Going to space camp.

Cody Wayne Hall

Meeting my best friend.

Ally Flynn

I’m in band, and I would say that my favorite memory in school would be being at the Arkansas State University marching competition, performing next to my best friend, more of my best friends in the crowd watching me and on the field behind me. Being on the field of the college I wanted to attend with my band family doing the thing I love more than anything else in the world, that was one of the greatest moments of my life if not the greatest.

Skyler Reed

Running tournaments with the softball team.

Megan Sallinger

Being in the Cabot FFA.

Klara McElroy

Sonic runs before rehearsals with the seniors my sophomore year.

Emily Swan

I’ll never forget all the times I’ve spent with my friends, but my absolute favorite memory is when we all went on a choir trip to Branson, MO and we went to an outlet mall and almost died. It was raining hard and we were all shopping and we needed to cross the street so we waited a second and then we ran and a huge bolt of lightning crashed down really close to us. It was hilarious because we were soaked and actually believed we were gonna die cause we got struck by lightning. We went back to the main part of the mall and just laughed about how silly it was.

Madison Lee-Ann Tharpe

Helping a lady and her children in a really bad car accident.

Chandler Smith

Yes! My favorite memories were all made walking in the homecoming court with my dad.

Sierra Faith Fortner

When Kaleb Garner would ¨do my makeup” at the lunch table.

Brianna Nunez

My favorite memory would be the pep rallies.

Soterry Mao

either going to HOSA and hanging out with my friends.

Austin Calhoun

Every memory I’ve made with my friends.

Reid Andrew Gullett

So far, Junior prom. It was the only school event I’ve really gone to and it was one of the greatest nights I’ve had hanging out with friends.

Brianne Whitley

Some of the football games.

Michelle WesselBand.

Performing on Friday nights and making the relationships with some of my now closest friends.

Emilee Marshall

Meeting my friends Friday night football games.

Kyler Ethan Franks

Winning state in baseball.

Gabrielle Dodson

Football games.