The First Week


Cody Heifner, Staff Member

The year started, with it comes a new wave of Sophomores, new rules and a new mindset.  “I thought the first week went very well, the incoming Sophomores were nice and the Seniors were very respecting and I feel they have matured,” Math teacher Christy Rogers says. 

Chemistry teacher Brandon Daughety added, “I thought it was great fun and it went extremely smoothly I was happy to see everybody was back.” The new assistant principal, Susane Whisker says, “I’m a new administration but I can see that we have very kind kids and a lot of them do the right thing.”

 Henry Hawkins added, “I thought we had a great week we had a great start to school, it seems we had some really good kids this year.”

The new year also brought with it new rules. “No phones or earbuds out in class,” Whisker says. “There is growing evidence that young people today are more isolated and disengaged with their peers and other people even though they are more digitally connected than ever. We are trying to get students to put the “black mirror” down and look around their world, meet new people and live their life as they are moving through it. We want them to actually experience relationships with people and not just post about them.” 

Hawkins also stated, “Hats are no longer allowed the reason being that hats are a distraction and can be a safety issue around the class.”

“I want them to know that there are a ton of clubs and activities to get involved in and they can learn about them in club rush,” Christy Rogers says. 

Whisker additionally advised, “Don’t get overwhelmed. Ask when students are unsure. Plenty of people to help them including upperclassmen and teachers and staff. Work on time management. Budget your time well helps keep from over stressed. Don’t take on too much.” 

This new year comes with a new mindset. Teachers and staff members want students to have an easier and less stressful year so they have given their best advice to help you achieve it. 

Rodgers says, “Take advantage of zero hour it’s a perfect time to get extra help and it doesn’t mess with your extra curricular activities.” 

Daughety also commented, “Just do your best everyday and remember to have fun.” 

Hawkins adds, “Be respectful, be a good listener and always try hard.” 

Whisker who concludes with, “Keep things in perspective. A small mistake you make today is not going to change the course of your life. Even big mistakes can be corrected and overcome. If you make a small mistake and the 5 people standing around see it and talk about it, keep in mind they will be talking about something else in 10 minutes. You may think about what happened all day, but they will move on to something else. Keep things in perspective.”

Every teacher and staff member wants all students to have a great year and make the most of it. If any of you have any additional questions please feel free to talk to your counselors, one of the administrators or check or the cabot website that can be found here: