Model UN

Rebekah Simmons, Staff Member

Model UN is an extracurricular activity where students are given the opportunity to roleplay delegates from the United Nations and simulate UN committees. Official debates occur at  MUN conferences, which are usually organized by a high school or college MUN club. The Arkansas Model UN conference happens once a year and is sponsored by the Department of Political Science and the Model United Nations (MUN) student organization at UCA. 

Cabot High School has not been able to participate in Model UN for about two years now, but thanks to student devotion of Senior Langston Riddle and teacher willingness of History teacher Mrs. Shelly Elliott, CHS is starting up a club that will be representing the high school in the Model UN debates in the area. 

The CHS Model UN program was once ran by 10th grade Pre AP English teacher, Mrs. Asewick. Asewick still loves and supports the program saying, “Because of my personal life I no longer have the time and energy to run an intense club like that anymore, but I’m so happy that students still want to participate in it. Being involved in global politics is really good for students at this age.” 

Riddle was a member of the club when Mrs. Asewick sponsored the program. Riddle suggested to Elliot that she should sponsor for Cabots Model UN program so it could become active again. “Being a part of the Model UN program is really cool and I’m super excited about it,” Elliot says. 

The home page of Arkansas Model United Nations program states that MUN is a positive experience for students because, “is an experiential learning activity with the primary goal of providing high school students with a unique opportunity to enhance their communication skills, improve their critical thinking skills, and increase their understanding of diplomacy and international politics.”