How Your Core Classes Help You

Rebekah Simmons, Staff

How Do Your High School Core Classes Help You in Life
High School students always wonder whether the classes that they spend all day taking are really worth their time or not. What do we really learn in all of the core classes that we are required to sit through? But actually there are a multitude of ways that individual core classes help students prepare for life. The teachers of Cabot High School feel very strong about the subject and all have valid examples of ways that their classes are beneficial.
English class can be frustrating to students sometimes because of all the reading and essay writing but it pays off.
“Students learn how to comprehend what they are reading and are able to annotate literature effectively, which will help them in their everyday life. The writing skills that they develop in these classes will help them in college,” Mrs. Peggy Medlin, the head of the English department, says.
Math often is a hard subject for students to grasp, but it can help.
“Students develop useful problem solving skills and learn how to think in a productive manner that enables them to be able to figure things out more effectively. In geometry they learn how to calculate area which can come in handy when you are figuring out how much paint you will need to cover a wall, or how much carpet you’ll need to cover the floor. And algebra teaches you about interest and loans,” Mrs. Angela Beason, the head of the Math department, says.
Students may ask if history is in the past then why do we need it in the present.
“American History and Social Studies class help students to understand their role as citizens in this country. Hopefully, students develop a set of standards in these classes that will help them make informed decisions when voting and becoming involved in their community. A country that understands its past will be better prepared for the future,” Mr. Bennie Brock, the head of the Social Studies department, says.
Science can also help in many ways.
“AP Environmental Science creates awareness about current global problems such as air/water pollution, climate change, and sustainable practices. The content benefits students in any science class they take in college. It also helps students understand politicians when speaking about environmental legislation so they can make an educated vote. Environmental science can lead to many careers such as biologist, ecologist, jobs related to government organizations such as the EPA, the possibilities are endless! Botany/Zoology helps students become more appreciative of our native wildlife. The course helps students raise awareness of endangered species, invasive species, and common species in Arkansas. It also extends the knowledge of wildlife to our local fishermen and hunters. Zoology can help anyone who is interested in specific animals to become a vet, ichthyologist, ornithologist, mammalogist, or herpetologist. In addition, it would help people in domestically understand why we have fish/deer limits and why it’s important to adhere to them,” Mrs. Stephanie Jimmerson, head of the Science department, says.
High School core classes are essential, not just so that you can gain all of your credits to get into college but so that you can gain valuable knowledge that will help you in your future.