Cabot Takes State

Jazmine Whatley, editor

On Saturday December 19, CHS Cheerleaders won their first 5A-6A Game Day Cheerleading State Championships. 

From day one going into practice we knew our goal was to win state this year. Cabot has been in the top five the past two years. This year Cabot Cheer wanted to take home the State Champion title,” senior co-captain Korylynn Jennings explained.

The Cheerleaders also held an undefeated season this year. They competed in 5 competitions, including State.

“The season was absolutely amazing! We had a great team and everyone was very close and motivated to win,” senior captain Marissa Brown exclaimed.

At State, the team competed against 12 other teams. After the first round the team found out they made it into the top three, the finals. From there the team performed and waited, then the results came and they found out they had won, and all their hard work had paid off. The team was so determined to win that at the beginning of the season they had made a special keepsake to remind them of what they wanted. 

“This team had set a standard of winning state from the beginning. We even made a big styrofoam ring that we all signed. This ring was brought to every competition and practice because it was a reminder of the goal we had. This team wanted to win so bad and when we did it was a surreal moment,” Jennings stated. 

The team also held one of their own competitions this year at Cabot High School. The school held the competition on a Saturday, where the dance teams competed in the morning and cheerleading teams competed in the afternoon. Not only did the highschool teams compete, so did the younger teams, so all of the Cheer and Dance teams competed. 

“This was the first time that Cabot cheer had ever hosted a competition. All of the 6 Cabot Spirit Squads competed very well. The High School Cheer team placed 1st overall and won the best cheer,” cheerleading Coach Kristen Sumler said.