Insight on CPDA

Lizzie Quattlebaum, staff

The time of the year has come where Cabot Panther Digital Academy has opened up so that the students on site can now make the transition to online learning. It will be open from January 11th through the 22nd. A parent/guardian must complete a transfer agreement during the 11 days it is open. A video call will then be scheduled between an administrator and the parent/guardian to discuss if CPDA is a good fit for the student in question. Some of the things that factor into this decision include individual learning or emotional needs, internet access, current grades, participation and commitment from the student and the family.

“I think it is an excellent opportunity if students use it to their advantage. However, students must stay engaged in their classwork, attend Google meets, and meet deadlines in order to pass their classes. Students should be highly motivated, able to stay on task and capable of independent learning in order to be successful in CPDA,” counselor Mrs. Snyder said. 

Students can also make the transition from CPDA to on-site. Student Services needs to be contacted for kindergarten through 6th grade. 7th through 12th grades need to contact the building administration with a written request and a Return to Campus Letter of Acknowledgement. It’s important to keep in mind that students returning to on-site may not be in their previous building. Where the student is placed is decided by availability.