Who’s Who CHS 2021

Lizzie Quattlebaum, staff

The final results for the who’s who of the senior class of 2021 are in!

Mr and Miss CHS are Sam Owen and Kory Lynn Jennings. 

The cutest couple that never was: Kendal Jennings and Landon Cooper. 

Most likely to be on Broadway: Caleb Hart and Abbygail Kersey. 

Most likely to become a millionaire: Emma Sinclair and Harrison Merrick.

Most likely to have their own reality show: Nick Hellstern and Shawnee Weatherly. 

Most likely to break a world record: Landon Meek and Katie Cason. 

Most likely to go pro: Tyler Gee and Kaitlyn Theobald. 

Most likely to win the lottery and lose the ticket: Hayden Hagar and Jessica Waltrip.

Most likely to win a Grammy: Jack Starnes and Auburn Buchanan. 

Most likely to brighten your day: Evan Crow and Laina Evans.

Worst case of senioritis: Payson Woods and Kylie Behnke. 

Cutest couple: Marissa Brown and Hewitt Helton.

Class Clown: Ben Todd and Syndi Wells.

Worst driver: JT Carmical and Riley Strube. 

Most spirited: Zach Hardcastle and Ella Hollingshed. 

Most likely to become a SoundCloud rapper: Bryce Johnson and Sam Rogers. 

Most likely to be best friends forever: Gavin Smith and Kayden Guenzel for the boys. Summer Daily and Jayden Hannah for the girls. 

Most outgoing: Megan Elrod and Coleman Bailey.