Golden Knights Landing

Desiree Erzar, Staff Writer

The Army’s Golden Knights made an impressive landing on the CHS campus on October 29. Students were released from their classes to go watch the amazing presentation that featured eight men parachuting from military planes. “I thought it was impressive and really cool,” Principal Henry Hawkins said. “It’s impressive to watch them do that; it was unbelievable.”

The Golden Knights strived to get the CHS students’ attention by presenting an awesome example of what the Army can do. As reported by Hawkins, the landing was a stunt to promote Army recruiting in Cabot. “It was actually the Army’s idea; they knew if they came here it would be maximum exposure while having fun,” Hawkins said. “They chose us, we didn’t choose them.”

The seniors, recruiters, and helpful ROTC students received a rare opportunity to meet, help, and have lunch with the parachuters. These students helped the stuntmen pack their parachutes, and they collaborated to shift the ROTC building into a lunch room where they enjoyed gourmet sandwiches with the Golden Knights. “After we were done eating, we gave them each one of our unit coins from ROTC,” Senior ROTC Student Jack Pool said. “It was a memorable thing; it was really nice.”