Escape Room

Marcus Shurley, Staff

Horror movies have been washed out, the same themes reused over and over again. Slashers chopping through log cabins, demons possessing dolls or children, and of course psycho killers who have to be shot over 15 times for them to die, only to come back in time for a sequel. Original horror concepts are hard to come by, and even harder to pull off so when Escape Room was first mentioned, I had hope.

Escape rooms in real life are interactive puzzles where groups go in to solve a theme, and clues will eventually lead them to safety, or they fail and end up feeling bad about the obvious clues they missed and eat ice cream to feel better about themselves. However, this movie was amazing in both idea and performance. With director Adam Robitel taking the reins of this movie, it was bound to be a thriller that will go down in history. Not wanting to spoil the movie for anyone who has yet to see it, I am only going over the theme and acting in this review, but I suggest you all find a way to watch this movie, because it is one that provides a great crew of actors and amazing set design.

The effects in this movie are top of the line through out it and offers a new way to imagine horror movies. To say it was perfect is far from the truth. Some camera angles were more annoying than anything and take away some of the horror feeling in the final production, as well as a twist that, while nice and surprising, could of been done so much better. The acting as well had its fair share of good and terrible, but over all, I thought is was a good movie. It went away from the normal horror of demons and slashers and instead gives us a non-supernatural situation that I found very refreshing, especially after how recent horror movies such as The Nun and Slender Man just left me more confused than scared. I will suggest this movie for those who like watching horror movies but also don’t want to be too scared after. In my opinion, the movie is a solid 7/10.