Band Recruiting


Desiree Erzar, Editor

The award-winning Cabot Band Program is on a quest to recruit future band members. On the 29th and 31st of this week, high school band members volunteered to travel to Middle School North after school to show sixth graders instruments and perks of enrolling in the band program. “I volunteered because I plan on being a band director, and plan on teaching children how to play instruments and learn to love band just as I did,” senior tuba-player Sean Perdue said.

The teenage volunteers lead the children to different rooms of the middle school, where they had the opportunity to meet the staff that runs the Cabot band program while attempting to play almost every instrument offered. Based on their favorite instrument and their skill, the kids chose what instrument they would like to play in seventh grade when the band classes start. “My favorite part about helping the kids would have to be seeing their excited expressions when they get to try several instruments, and then finding the instrument that was meant for them,” Perdue stated.

After their long day of new experiences, the children, volunteers, and staff were all treated to a pizza dinner in the middle school cafeteria. The recruiting process and pizza dinner are planned to happen again next week, on the 5th and the 7th. “Seeing them get happy and excited reminds me of when I was their age doing the same thing, and it’s just a warm feeling that fills your heart,” Perdue said.