Movies and Books


Desiree Erzar, Editor

It’s not a secret that movies do not always get all of the details correct when it comes to bringing a book to life, therefore debates on whether the book or movie turns out better are not uncommon. According to Mrs. Southard, one of CHS’ two media specialists, books very rarely match up with their book counterparts, and many movies have major differences in topics like character development, events, and alternate endings. “Movies don’t deliver the same experience,” senior Jack Pool stated. “Books leave more to the imagination, they’re longer.”

Mrs. Southard encourages students to read, stating that there has been research to prove that libraries with resources for students affect test scores in a positive way. “People who read are informed and know a bit more about what’s going on around them,” Southard stated.

Watching movies is not a negative thing, but Mrs. Southard claims that students who only choose to watch movies should read too, because there’s enough uneducated people in the world and it’s good to be informed and intelligent. Whether you’re a fan of reading or watching is up to you because, according to senior Mackenzie Criner, books and movies are completely different genres, and everybody has different opinions. “Books can’t show so they’re forced to tell, and movies have the ability to tell but the medium thrives on showing,” Criner stated.