New Student Lunch


Selena Martinez, Staff

In January, Mrs. Gatewood with the help of Renaissance Club, put together a luncheon for new students enrolled in Cabot High School. The event held in the loft began fourth period, and lasted until the end of second lunch. After students signed in, they put their name in a basket to win door prizes that were given throughout the event. (Burger King) crowns were scattered on the tables and students were encouraged to decorate them with their names and interests. Renaissance Club members gave a presentation about the high school website and sports. The club members answered all the questions the new students were asking, trying to fill them in and get them as comfortable as possible. Cabot High School is a big campus, approximately 40 acres, the purpose of the lunch was to help the new students better find and understand what goes on, especially if they want to join any sports or have questions in general. Pizza, chips, and cookies were given while they enjoyed the activities that were planned. At the end of the luncheon, teams were chosen for the scavenger hunt that was set up in the main school building with clues everywhere; beforehand, club members went around and put stickers around so they knew they were in the right track. The new students learned where they could get coffee and snacks (CBI room), your password changed (library), lost and found (office), etc. “It was a lot of fun! Really helped me get acquainted with the school,” sophomore Katalina Velez said. The first place winner received a lunch pass, second, and third were able to choose from school pride shirts and other prizes. The experience was lots of fun and Cabot High welcomed our new Panthers.