Future Plans – Senior Edition

Desiree Erzar, Editor

Allison Blakely Page

Make money.

Katelyn Burnett

Join the military.

Madi Houck

I plan to get a bachelor’s degree in Nursing.

Liliana Tenorio

Go to college, get a bachelor’s degree and become a teacher.

Desirae Michelle Handy

A chief.

Haylee Kilgore

Make more money.

William Lomon

Become a Civil Engineer.

Grace Davis

Band Director.

Alexander Gabriel Hopper

Become a USMC Infantry Officer.

David Rowe

As I progress through college, I want to be a Pastor I believe that’s my calling.

Tristen Bowen


Sean Micheal Perdue

I want to become a Junior High Band Director.

Megan Michelle Cavez

Go to college to be a Pediatrician or a Psychologist.

Larae Caudle Shurley

I want to be a better person as I continue forward in life.

Alexis Taylor

I would like to pursue a career in Nursing.

Hannah Jones

I want to go to college, major in Chemistry, and get a good job.

Chloe Palczynsky

Get a degree in Child Psychology and have an amazing job, have a family, and be successful.

Ian Valantine

Surround myself with the right people.

Kaitlyn Dove

Spanish Education.

Jaden Potter

Change the world and help people all over the world.

Caleb Wayne Lester

I want to join the U.S. military as an officer and make a 20 year career out of it.

Carson Reaves

I would like to pursue my own happiness through doing what I enjoy. I am looking to double major at Henderson State University in Theatre Arts and Innovative Media. I would like to achieve a job in either field, and move to the north to pursue such an occupation. I want to enjoy my life and enjoy being who I am.

Madison Faith Thomas

I want to become a Crime Scene Investigator so that I can help bring relief to families that have lost a loved one and don’t know why. I would also like to travel the world along my journey and see all the amazing things out there in this world.

Bryan Souza

Go to college and work.

Houston Douglas Barber

Get a stable, high-paying job, find a nice girl, get married, and live a peaceful life.

Nathan McCool

I would like to serve in the U.S. Navy as a SEAL Platoon Leader.

Alexisis Bryrd

As I go forward in life, I want to do something that will make a true difference in the world. My main goal is to do work that really means something to me.

Athena Bills

Have a good home life.

Amber Nicole Highfill


Arin Marie Winstead

I would like to be successful.

Nicholas Owen Blanford

I would like to get into the field of plumbing.


I would like to be successful.

Emily Madyson Tucker

Never look back and understand that things may happen, but life is always good. In college, I want to make lifelong friends and gain knowledge I can actually apply to real life.

Natasha LeBouf

Live comfortably.

Cora Hicks

I would like to be a cattle farmer.

Kenzie Howard

I want to work forward to becoming a vet.


Emily Guthro

I want to be an Art Teacher and one day speak about the dangers of drinking.

Sydney Elias

I want to do something related to Art or the History of Art. My first option is to teach, so I will want to teach a higher level studio Art class or Art History class.

Hannah Nicole Horton

I want to study to become a psychologist.

Remm Filat

Become an Optometrist.

Alexander Dunn


Kayson Williams

I want to become a teacher for elementary students.

Chasity Handley

Be a teacher.

Makayla Cearns

Go to college and become a kindergarten teacher

Samuel Savage

I want to become an Engineer so that I can have the possibility/opportunity to help people out in this ever so changing world. I want to help make this world better and if that is by making our world more eco-friendly or if it is by fixing simple problems. This is what’s important to me, to leave a mark on people’s lives even when they didn’t even know I did.

Peyton Alexys Fann


Felisha Frolos

I want to go into the medical field.

Walter Laneheart

Have enough money to live.

Makenzie Paige Whited

I hope to go through college and earn my degree in Vet Sciences. I plan to work with larger domestic animals such as horses, since I have grown up around them. I want to make a difference and show younger generations the beauty of helping animals and inspire the animal lovers out there to put forward their passion for the good.

McCall Mayhair

Become a family physician.  

Adrianna Jean Winstead

I would love to become an Elementary school teacher. I’d like to teach the Art classes but I’d also settle for the traditional classroom setting as well.

Alissa Maelynn Collum

Something to do with animals.

Peyton Alexys Fann


Carson Sharp

Be happy.

Caitlyn Rogers

Traveling and seeing the world.

Jasmine Coffman

Work in the medical field.

Sofia Rose Leanne Hill

I hope to continue on with my education and graduate from Arkansas Tech University.

Ivy Gonzalez

Go to college.

Barret Wayne Stark

Be the best person I can be.

Ashley Cox

I want to be able to better myself in every aspect, that’s the whole point of growing up.

William Andrew Nichols

I want to live my life to the fullest. It is not what I am doing, how much money I am making, how many scholarships I get, how many friends I have, or even how much I change the world. I hope it is simply fulfilling.

Morgan Tindall

Help people.

George Thomas Brown

Pastoring and school Counselor.

Connor Gaunt

Playing golf professionally.

Isabella Terry

As I go on in life my biggest desire is to spread kindness and strength. I believe that you learn a lot from being a child and those lessons you bring up with you. I am going to be there for children and be the person who I needed as a teen girl. Helping them be kind and never feel alone. I love kids and think that if everyone has someone they trust and look up too they will feel a lot more safe in this world and wont want to leave it or escape it. I just want everyone to be happy and love themselves and others. Not sure what I’m going to do career wise but I know it will be something that helps me achieve that.

Felisha Frolos

Be a nurse.

Katelyn Burnett

Become a writer.

Garret Micheal Hardcastle

Be a plumber.

Christion Barbery

Be a welder.

Christion Collins

Be successful.

Dustin Eric Launderdale

Study Animal and Environmental science to be able to not only get my dream job, but to also fight for a change in clean energy policies.

Sanders Hilburn

Band director.

Kaycie Merrell

Go to college with no expense out of pocket.

Tristen Bowen


April Galindo

Be happy.

Meagan Welcher

Be a Veterinarian.

Kristien Cierra Jones

College, graduate, nursing school, intern, residency, RN.

Harmony Stauth

Help people.

Peyton Farnam

Become an Engineer.

Clayton Flesher

Move out.

Jackson B. Lane


Jordan Jackson Moore

Sports Producer.

Azura Adams

I want to show people that life isn’t straight forward. There are many different life paths to take and you don’t always end up doing what your high school self planned on doing but you’ll be happier!

Grace Davis

I want to be a band director or a professional musician.

Cerentiy Roles

Join the military.

Elizabeth Schaefer

I want to start my own dance studio so I can teach people what I love to do.

Hannah Mowry

Travel the world.

Micheal Jacob Wall

Be a Computer Programmer.

Luke Falcienelli

Be a Rapper.

Laruren Turner

Attend the University of Alabama to run track, then attend medical school.

Jacob Parker Venable

Police Officer.

Blair Nichols

Go to college to become a nurse practitioner.

Riley Johnson

I want to go to college and get into the career of my life.

Nathaniel Jordan Shirley

Diesel Mechanic.

Eric Tyler Gillaspy

Go to college and earn a Biology degree then get my Genetic Counseling license.

Rainey Renee Ross

I want to become a Physician’s Assistant.

Faith Christine Brown

Right after high school I plan on going to Arkansas Tech. and triple majoring in Criminology, Psychology, and Sociology. I eventually want to become a Behavior Analysis for the FBI.

Edward Claypool


Koleton Lee Eastham

I want to be successful and provide for my family as much as I can.

Liliana Ternorio

Become a Math teacher.  

Ashleigh Marie Dickerson

I want to study Criminal Justice and become some kind of forensic lab scientist.

Felisha Renea King

I will be graduating high school and going to college and studying education and becoming a teacher for 2 years then becoming a School Counselor.

Brianna Dawson

I want to impact lives in a positive way.

Rebecca Loerch

I want to become the person I’ve always dreamed about being, but I also want to make sure that I remain as myself, and that I don’t become a different person. I want to be successful towards and for myself. I want to try my best and make a difference or impact in this world. I want to stand out one day and change someone’s life for the better.

Pamela Marie Powell

Join the Airforce and become an air traffic controller.

Natasha LeBouf


Chase Foiles

Go to medical school.

Joy Elizabeth Williams

I want to write as much as I can about my thoughts and showcase it to the world.

Jayden Weaver

Not wreck my car again.

Brianna Nicole Hobbes

Become a childhood educator.

Haley Renee Phifer

Get a job or maybe college.

Christain Huggins

Live… if it’s tolerable to still live with climate change and all.

Grace Morris

Attend UCA.

Haley Puckett


Jakeshia Fadasha Keyonnia Robinson

I want to further my education.

Tyler Franjesevic

As I go forward in life, I want to do everything I can to live life and be as happy as I can.

Adrianna Jean Winstead

Become an Art teacher.  

McKenzie King

Be a Pharmacy Tech.

Dakota Sierra Sternweis

I want to be a Physical Therapist.

Jacklin Weeks

I want to graduated from Harding University with a degree in the medical field.

Braden Zerbe


Cerron Marie Davis

Become a Surgeon and a Lawyer.

Kiana Hopper

I want to work in the medical field and help others.

Anna Wilson


Jayden Shelton

I wanna be a Marketing Manager.

Hayden Taylor Chapman

Make money.

Dejah Jimerson

Become a Pediatric Physician Assistant.

McCall Mayhair

Be successful.

Rebekah Conley

Earn my college degree, get married & become a mom.

Callie Harwood

I want to use my own and other’s experiences that I’ve had the chance to witness to better my future life. I want to be a successful role model for my younger siblings, future children, my niece and nephews, etc.

Brian Blane Calhoon

Play professional golf.

Ethan Bowen

Air Force, C-130 Pilot.

David Matthew Holetz

Air Force, C-130 Pilot.

Ali Kaye Lewis

Plan for the future.

Jason Lin Bongfeldt

To make 75k + on my own without a partner.

Jeremiah Brown

Law School.

Gracen Turner

Be successful and happy.

Loretta Turner

Find who I truly am suppose to be through college and my purpose life.

Henry Parks

Graduate have a good job and a nice house and wife.

Alissa Maelynn Collum

Go to ACTI.

Jerry Fleenor

Make money and have a comfortable life.

Landon Miller

Break the bank.

Zhane Harper

Develop more as a man and player.

Ian Valentine


Walter Clay Laneheart

Have a successful business and be a Funeral Director.

Blaze Buchanan Carmical

I want to do many things, I want to race on a track with a real race car (on a dirt oval track), skydive, fly a glider, get my pilot’s license, and more all on my way to becoming a pilot in the United States Air Force.

Selena Todd

I want to go to college for CNA.

Alexander Gabriel Hopper

Marine Corp Infantry Officer.

Conner Jensen

Find a job that makes me happy and never “work” a day in my life.

Taylor Andrews

I want travel and study new cultures.

Jackson Kincade

Pursue a career in professional Interpretive Dance.

Kristen Carter

I want to breed dogs and have an at home doggy daycare/overnight boarding.

Chloe E Palczynsky

Go to College to become a Child Psychologist, marry a guy who loves me for me and eventually have a family, and live a happy and healthy life with an amazing job that I love.

Alyssa Brockway

I want to attend college and become a NICU Nurse at either UAMS or Arkansas Children’s Hospital.

Cameron Bellar


Annalise Winters

Have a life I’ve always wanted to live.

Brennan Stephens

Be a commercial pilot.

Harrioson Doyle Mott

Go to college and become an Optometrist.

Ody Wayne Hall

Join the military.

Ally Flynn

I either want to be an elementary school Music Teacher or a High School Band Director.  

Skylar Reed

Graduate college and get a job that I enjoy.

Megan Sallinger

Seeing all the things that I can accomplish.

Klara McElroy

Build my resume in order to become an actor at a professional theatre.

Emily Swan

I want to have a family and a nice career. I want to graduate from college and get a good degree.

Madison Lee-Ann Tharpe

I would like to at least graduate college.

Chandler Smith

I want to be an Art Therapist, make an impact, and make happy memories while traveling the world!

Sierra Faith Fortner


Brianna Nunez

I want to go to college after I graduate high school and work as a CNA in college and work my way up.

Soterry Mao

Graduate and go to college and have a great job.

Austin Calhoun

Graduate college and go on to the career I want.

Reid Andrew Gullett

Continue my education.

Brianne Whitley

Make a good living.

Michelle Wessel

I want to become either an Elementary teacher or business woman after I get to travel around the world. If I didn’t have to worry about money I would only travel.

Emily Marshall


Allison Shea Copeland

Continue to earn an awesome education and attend Vet School.

Kyler Ethan Franks

Graduate college.

Jessica Cockrill

Educate and make people happy.

Gabrielle Dodson

Get paid.