If you could be anything in or out of this world what would you be? – Senior Edition

Selena Martinez, Staff Member

Katelyn Burnett


Madi Houck

A nurse.

Desirae Michelle Handy


Haylee Kilgore

I want to be a Graphic Designer.

William Lomon

A Warlock.

Grace Davis

A Storm Chaser.

Alexander Gabriel Hopper

A USMC infantry officer.

David Rowe

A leader, influencer, encourager telling one thing everyone has a voice and should be heard.

Tristen Bowen

A fish.

Sean Michael Perdue

I’d snap my fingers and skip past college and immediately be a band director.

Megan Michelle Chavez

I would love to be a professional soccer player.

Larae Faye Caudle Shurley

I want to be an author and a librarian. I hope that my books change the world, even if in a small way.

Alexis Taylor

I would be a traveler and travel around the world.

Hannah Jones

A dancer.

Chloe Palczynsky

Child Psychology, Pediatric Nurse, anything to do with kids.

Ian Valentine

I just want to be a somebody.

Kaitlyn Dove

A translator.

Caleb Wayne Lester

I would be a U.S. Navy SEAL.

Carson Reaves

I wanna be an alien. It’d be fun making conspiracy theorist go nuts trying to prove I exist.

Madison Faith Thomas

I would be a hero. I know it sounds funny but I want to be a person that people can come to and just let out their true feelings. I want to help people in this world and let them know that there is always someone out there that loves them and that they are going to be okay. I guess you could say I want to be a therapist so I can show everyone that only they can shine their light and no one can take that from them.

Bryan Souza

An Anthropologist that goes on expeditions.

Houston Douglas Barber

A Youtuber.

Nathan McCool

A man, not in name only, but also in character. Not a toxic masculinity man, but a man who cares for and protects those he’s around. A man who has a backbone and stand for what he believes in, and a consistent man who does not compromise his morals.

Alexis Byrd

If I could be anything, I would want to be a dinosaur. Specifically, a Pterodactyl.

Athena Bills


Amber Nicole Highfill


Arin Marie Winstead

I would still want to be a teacher.

Nicholas Owen Blanford

An NBA star, small forward for the Memphis Grizzlies.


Emily Madyson Tucker

An inspirational speaker or a nurse!

Natasha LaBeouf

A Photographer.

Cora Hicks

I would be an advocate for Agriculture.

Kenzie Howard

A dog.

Emily Guthro

A voice for others. I want to be an example that no matter your trials are you can move forward and make your own life.

Sydney Elias

I don’t know if you mean fictional things, but I would like to live in the wizarding world.

Alexander Dunn

A United States Marine.

Kayson Williams

Just a teacher.

Chasity Handley

A teacher.

Makayla Cearns

A nice person.

Samuel Savage

Sam Savage: “If I could be anything in or out of this world I would be the sun”

      Holly Hoover: …

      Sam Savage: “because the sun is brighter than my future”

      Holly Hoover: “a dark room is brighter than your future ”

      Sam Savage: ._.

(I didn’t know how to answer this so this is what I came up with )(have a good laugh)

Peyton Alexys Fann


Felisha Frolos

A fish.

Walter lanehart

CEO of my business being successful.

Makenzie Paige Whited

Something that makes the biggest difference for those who are suffering.

McCall Mayhair

A world traveler.

Adrianna Jean Winstead

If I could be anything, I’d want to be galaxy warrior (like “Guardians of the Galaxies”).

Alissa Maelynn Collum

Somethings to do with animals or someone who travels.


Devyn Louise Britt


Abby Ivy

A mermaid.

Ashleigh Farrell

An activist.

Abigail Faith McFarlin

If I could be anything in or out of this world I wouldn’t choose an object, I would choose a word. Successful. Successful can be many things. It doesn’t necessarily mean you are rich in money, but maybe love or even happiness. I’m not a materialistic person. I want to be the things that make me feel good or be better. Focusing on myself, my school work, my family and friends. Successful is when you accomplish your goals, and that’s the number one thing I would want to be if I had to choose.

Aspen Rene Fitzgerald

A lion.

KeAundra LaSha Jones


Tyler George

An Olympic athlete.

Holly Rebecca Jones

A shooting star.


Rachel Butler

A Band Director.

Carson Sharp


Caitlyn Rogers

A pilot.

Sofia Rose Leanne Hill

I’d definitely be a house cat. No taxes, Bills or having to worry about being late to things sounds like a dream.

Ivy Gonzalez

MRI Technician.

Barrett Wayne Stark

A duck guide and have a bunch of land.

Ashley Cox

I would want to be someone who helps other people with their struggles. Everyone, including myself, needs a little motivation and someone to push them, so why can I not be that person for them as well.

William Andrew Nickols

A cat. No more worries, no more struggles.

Morgan Tindall

Animal rescue shelter owner.


George Thomas Brown

NFL football player.

Connor Gaunt

The best golfer in the world.

Isabella Terry

I would be the good.

Felisha  Frolos


Katelyn Burnett

A successful writer.

Garrett Michael Hardcastle


Christian Barbery

A welder.

Chrishion Collins

Own my own makeup company.

Dustin Eric Lauderdale

A  Herpetologist.

Sanders Hilburn


Tristen Bowen


April Galindo

A bird.

Kristien Cierra Jones

A billionaire.

Harmony stauth

A Mermaid.

Peyton Farnam

An engineer for NASA.

Clayton Flesher

A good person.

Jackson B. Lane

A parrot.

Jordan Jackson Moore

A ginger.

Zachary Spears

NBA player.

Azura Adams

A female power icon.

Grace Davis

Probably a storm chaser.

Cerenity Roles

A giraffe.

Hannah Mowry


Michael Jacob Wall

Computer Programmer.

Luke Falcinelli

Fame, money, success.

Lauren Turner

A Cardiologist.

Jacob Parker Venable

Police Officer.

Blair Nichols

A singer.

Riley Johnson

I would probably do something with animals. I would become a vet or own an animal shelter.

Nathaniel Jordan Shirley

Military Sniper.

Eric Tyler Gillaspy

Genetic Counselor.

Rainey Renee Ross

A famous singer.


Edward Claypool

My self.

Koleton Lee Eastham

I want to be the best husband/ father that I can be when the time comes.

Felisha Renea King

A counselor.

Brianna Dawson

A band director.

Rebecca Loerch

As childish it may be, I would want to be a vampire. Only because of one reason, however… Because I could live forever, and if I did so, then I would be able to see where our world goes. How it progresses, what will change, disappear, remain, and what new things come about.

Natasha LaBeouf

A good friend.

Chase Foiles

General Surgeon.

Joy Elizabeth Williams

An author.

Jayden Weaver


Haley Renee Phifer

Famous singer.

Christian Huggins

Out of this world.

Grace Morris

An Influencer.

Haley Puckett


Jakeisha Fadasha Keyonnia Robinson

I would be a high school math and science teacher.

Tyler Franjesevic

I would want to be an engineer that works on revolutionary technology.

Adrianna Jean Winstead

I would be a cat so I could knock things over and laugh at humans.

Mckenzie king

An astronaut so I could explore the world.

Braden Zerbe

Movie star.

Logan bain

A shark.

Cerron Marie Davis


Kiana Hopper


Jayden Shelton

I would be a dog.

Hayden Taylor Chapman

To travel anywhere and everywhere.

Dejah Jimerson

Time Traveler.

McCall Mayhair

A family doctor.

Rebekah Conley

I would have some way to help the less fortunate.

Callie Harwood

My dream career is to be an elementary teacher.

Brian Blaine Calhoon

Win a golf tournament on the PGA tour.

Ethan Bowen


David Matthew Holetz

A bird.

Alli Kaye Lewis

A singer, inspirational!

Jason Lin Bongfeldt

To be a very successful person.

Jeremiah Brown

Louboutin (red bottom) heels.

Gracen Turner

Probably a fish.

Loretta Turner

A positive influencer to everyone who has doubts about who they want to be.

Henry Parks

A farmer or a truck driver.

Alissa Maelynn Collum

A bat.

Jerry Fleenor

The owner of Ford.

Landon Miller

A blade of grass.

Zhane Harper

A pro football player.

Ian Valentine

NBA Player.

Walter Clay Lanehart


Blaze Buchanan Carmical

I would want to be me, because I can be anything I want to be, in and out of this world.

Selena Todd

A daycare worker.

Alexander Gabriel Hopper

A Marine Corp Infantry Officer.

Jackson Kincade

A dragon of the middle ages.

Kristen Carter

Honestly a stay at home dog mom.

Chloe E Palczynsky

Child Psychologist.

Alyssa Brockway

A rainbow.

Annalise Winters

The best person I can be.

Brennan Stephens

An astronaut

Cody Wayne Hall

Sports Analyzer

Ally Flynn

I actually would want to be a music producer,  the person at the soundboard.

Skylar Reed

I would be a millionaire and give back to those in need.

Megan Sallinger


Klara McElroy

I would be one of those green plunger looking aliens from Slaughterhouse-Five.

Emily Swan

I would love to be a veterinarian but unfortunately, bloody animals freak me out a whole lot.

Madison Lee-Ann Tharpe

A nurse or anything that involves helping people.

Chandler Smith

An Art Therapist.

Brianna Nunez

I want to be a vet.

Soterry Mao

A traveling nurse or a scientist.

Reid Andrew Gullett

An officer in the USAF

Brianne Whitley

A singer/ performer.

Michelle Wessel

I would be a world traveler or study the ocean.

Emilee Marshall

A cat.

Allison Shea Copeland


Kyler Ethan Franks

A billionaire.

Jessica Cockrill

I would be a sloth.

Gabrielle Dodson

A Lawyer.