Free Breakfast

Jazmine Whatley, Co Editor

All students are able to receive free breakfast for the 2019-2020 school year.

“The reimbursement from the free and reduced students covers the cost of the full-paying students,” Erin Wilkes, Director of Food Services, stated. 

             Free breakfast consists of food and drink. Students can either choose cereal, parfait or whatever they are serving that day. For a drink, the choices are chocolate milk, strawberry milk or whatever juice they are serving that day. This program is receiving high praise.

“My daughter is in pre-k and she loves it, she eats it every morning,” Mrs.Hicks in the E.A.S.T and Computer Science Department says.

“If I were here in the mornings I would eat breakfast every morning,” Senior Patrick Babcock tells. 

 Free breakfast is very popular at CHS. This program is a great resource for students that can’t afford breakfast in the first place.

 “I think it’s a great thing so people don’t have to go all day hungry if they can’t afford to eat at lunch or at home,” Babcock explains. 

Eating breakfast helps prepare you for the day in many ways possible, skipping breakfast is just bad all around.

“Some evidence suggests that by eating breakfast you can encourage your body to burn more calories throughout the day,” Future Fit Training website advocates. 

When no food is stored in your stomach at breakfast time your body will begin saving as many calories as possible to prepare for starvation.

 “By ignoring and not replenishing your glucose levels in the morning you will end up feeling overly hungry, irritable and fatigued,” Future Fit Training website endorses.

Free breakfast in Cabot Public Schools helps kids be more energized and ready. 

More than 10,000 students attending Cabot Public School District have access to free breakfast. Although the breakfast is free, lunch prices will remain the same.