The Baby Project


Rebekah Simmons, Staff Member

The Child Development and Parenting class in Champs Hall are known for the baby project that they do every year. The project teaches students the stresses of parenthood by simulating real babies’ habits. 

“Students are always really excited to take the babies home over the weekend and take care of them. They name the babies, take pictures with them and dress them, before packing them up,” Mrs. Hillary Box said.

“I think I’m pretty prepared to take the baby home, I’m really excited,” sophomore Lacie Davis said. She will be taking a baby home for the first time in a few weeks.  

After a long weekend of taking care of the baby simulations a lot of the students have different opinions about the experience than before the project.  

“It was a lot harder than I thought it would be, I got very little sleep all weekend, and it was very emotionally and physically draining,” junior Hayley Emberton said. “Sometimes you have to rock the baby for a long period of time, and at night you are constantly waking up to take care of it.”

“The point of this project is to give students a little experience with child care and give them an idea of what exactly it entails to be a parent, and how hard it is,” says Mrs. Box. “Taking care of the baby over the weekend was a little scary sometimes and definitely made me not want to have kids any time soon,” sophomore Adrian Benjamin said.

The students will be taking the babies home from the 10th of January till the 2nd of March.