The Rush is On

Tiana Olguin, staff

Club Rush

On Monday, September 14, CHS held their annual “Club Rush”. Club Rush allowed potential members an opportunity to sample clubs the school has to offer. Current club members set up tables in the courtyard during lunch periods to advertise what each club can bring to students. Some of the clubs the high school offers include: Chess club, Anime club, International club, Key club, and even Tabletop gaming. You can win prizes, get candy, and even enter to win giveaways. 

The club rush has also been a way for students and their friends find something they can do together. 

“The club rush has been a good way for my friends and I to explore new clubs, and give us an opportunity to find things we enjoy,” junior Jennifer Hazeslip said.

Club Rush is a social event that invites students to explore their options at the high school to make a more memorable experience.