Cabot vs. Catholic

Jazmine Whatley, editor

Cabot Panthers went up against Catholic Rockets this past weekend, September 25th,  in their very first conference game of the 2020 football season. With the Panthers at home field advantage both teams played their very best. Throughout the game both teams received many penalties as well as a coach and a player from the Catholic Rockets being kicked out of the game. The game started with the Panthers receiving a touchdown pass by Braden Jay and Tyler Gee as well as scoring a field goal from. The Rockets also made a touchdown as well as a field goal, putting the score at a 7-7 tie. The Panthers then receive another touchdown by Kyler Carmack and Tyler Gee. Catholic almost receives a touchdown many times but Panther defense does not let them.  Leaving the first quarter with a  Panther lead 14-7. They start the second quarter with 3-point conversion. At the end of the first half Tyler Parks catches the ball and receives an interception touchdown, but it  is almost immediately recalled because he supposedly stepped out of bounds. The Panthers earned 3 fumbles and an interception in the first half. The 3rd quarter starts out with the Panthers winning 17-7. Braiden Jay starts the second half with another touchdown. Then without anything in between, the Panthers received yet another touchdown putting the score at 31-7. At the end of the third quarter Rockets gained a touchdown and a field goal, which puts the score at 31-14. The fourth quarter the Rockets gained yet another touchdown. The fourth quarter finishes with another panther win 31-21 putting the team rank at #7 in the state and our overall score 4-0 and our conference at 1-0! The next game will be this Friday on October 2nd and the Cabot Panthers will play their first out of state game against Collierville Highschool in Memphis Tennessee!