“The Cherry On Top” Social Media & Self-Esteem

Jazmine Whatley, editor

Social networking can be described as using a website or an app in order to talk to friends or family while posting things about oneself. Social media has many different platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Tiktok, etc. 

According to some students, the use of social media is not a positive action while others highly encourage use and praise the advantages that are gained by the use of social media.

 “It has a bad stigma and has developed a bad image overtime,” senior Natalie Vann said.

 “According to different studies and research, social media has indeed been linked to higher levels of loneliness, envy, anxiety, depression, stress, and hindered social skills,” selecthealth.org states.

Social Media just shows the cherry on top. It does not show who they are deep down. Just what is on the outside,” senior Jessica Bongefeldt said. 

Although many websites and peers say social media can be dangerous, it’s also a very fun and good way to spend one’s time.

 “I think it helps communicate and reach people who were unreachable before,” senior Jack Starnes says. People can talk to relatives and friends on a daily basis without going to them.  

Social media doesn’t always have to bring your self-esteem down, “It just makes me wanna go find a cute outfit,” senior Ariana Whatley says. 

People are also allowed to reveal a little more through social media than anything else.

 “It allows people to communicate and express themselves however they see fit,” senior Tristan Bates says. 

Social media has a bad rep of tearing people’s confidence down, but what some people don’t see is that it can help one up their self-esteem.

 “Social media has helped me gain a little bit of confidence,” senior Brittany Quinn stated. 

Social media, although has some good qualities, has also picked people apart and made them compare themselves. 

 “I did find myself  comparing myself to other people, I wished I could look like a lot of the girls I saw on social media,” Quinn added. 

 People can be as fake as they want behind the screen or as real as they want, and the sad part is that no one will know.

 “Everyone is so fake and toxic on social media. You do not get to see people for who they truly are unless you are friends with them is real life,” senior Jessica Bongefeldt stated.

Social media can do wonders on mental health and self-esteem, good or bad, just depends on who it is and how one handles it.