Panther Homecoming ’21

Jazmine Whatley, editor

October 15, 2020

 The game started at 7:00 pm with Conway scoring three touchdowns and Cabot scoring none. The second quarter Conway was still ahead 21-0, and no one scored, although Houston Wiley received an interception. During half-time, P...

2020 Homecoming week themes/Royalty

Jazmine Whatley, editor

October 1, 2020

Congrats to our Homecoming Royalty court of 2020! This upcoming week will be homecoming week with the themes down below. The homecoming game will be October 9th at 7pm. The homecoming court will be presented at the game, in-person...

2020 Sweethearts and Escorts

Jazmine Whatley, editor

September 29, 2020

Congratulations to the 2020 Homecoming Sweethearts and their Escorts! Homecoming week as well as the Homecoming game will be October 5th-9th. The Sweethearts and Escorts will be presented at the game through video around 6:10....

Playing with Toys… in class

Lizzie Quattlebaum, staff

September 22, 2020

Mr. Bertram’s physics class used toy cars to explore how to graph Motion using a Position Time Graph. Students let go of a toy car and set down a penny every two seconds to track the displacement of the car. Mr. Bertram was ver...

CBI kids Cookie Photos

Lizzie Quattlebaum, staff

September 16, 2020


Where did the panther go?

Lizzie Quattlebaum, staff

September 14, 2020

The Panther that once was the center of attention at the front doors of the high school is now gone. While many students drive to school, some don’t enter into the front of the main building. “I didn’t notice he was mov...

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