Senior Series Part 1

Jazmine Whatley Lizzie Quattlebaum, Editors

What did you learn from High School

We would like to introduce you to a three-part series about this year’s Seniors. The following responses are based upon the Seniors’ answers to ‘What have I learned from high school.’ 

Jenna Ashmore- “Take things slow.” 

Savannah Beaupre- “That people change for the worse and better.” 

Wesley Barnes- “Life’s easy as long as you put the effort in.”

Emma Douglas- “That uniform education does not work on such a broad selection of kids.”

Adam Fisk- “A lot lol.” 

Juliana Alcantara- “Life goes on.”

Gabriela Aldridge- “I learned that I need to express myself more and to not care what other people think.”

Kayla Brock- “Life isn’t always fair.”

Terrell Duncan- “You can’t trust everyone.”

Caden Carter- “A passable amount of french.” 

Jacey Blackwell- “Life isn’t always easy but you either let it ruin your day or make you stronger.” 

Abigail Asimbaya- “I learned that people come and go in your life all the time and that’s okay. This was definitely something that took me awhile to learn and I wish I would have learned sooner.” 

Emily Brown- “I learned that salt most definitely looks like sugar. People are not who they say they are. People will try to hurt you just to get ahead. I learned to not let others actions change the way my day is going to go. There is not enough kindness in this world to waste any more smiles.” 

Laina Evans- “Respect and make more memories.” 

Olivia Atkinson- “To cherish everything because you never know when it could be your last.” 

Fallon Backus- “Friends come and go and that’s okay.”

Peyton Bagwell- “Worry about yourself.” 

Erika Fredricks- “Be completely and truly yourself without caring what others think.”

 Jillian Carothers- “I learned that not having a lot of friends is okay! I also learned that you shouldn’t beat yourself up when you don’t exactly live up to unrealistic expectations that you often find for yourself.” 

 William French- “Chemistry.”

Angeline Able- “I learned General Studies but I also learned that having a title or popularity is nothing compared to kindness and good grades.”