Awards Awards Awards

Jazmine Whatley, editor

As the school year comes to an end there is a lot going on at Cabot High School. On monday May 3rd, Cabot Kiwanis Club hosted an award ceremony for honor recipients at 9:30am. These students maintained a 3.5 GPA or higher throughout their entire high school career. These students received a certificate and a $10  gift card to Colton’s Steakhouse. Certain students also received scholarships up to $1,000 each. This ceremony was recorded and was supposed to be posted on CHTV television. 

On Tuesday May 4th at 12:45pm, there was an award ceremony for students who received a Cabot scholarship from the Cabot Scholarship Foundation. This ceremony was live streamed on CHTV Youtube and posted later on. Students received scholarships from certain people and foundations across cabot who donated. Laina Evans received the Wheezy/ Eloise Foundation scholarship while Angel Able received the Pizza Hut scholarship. 

On Thursday May 6th, at 6pm, there was a senior Academic Ceremony of Excellence. Students were invited by letter to celebrate their academic excellence. This ceremony was held in the CHS arena and family and friends were encouraged to join. The celebration was only for seniors this time, but there will be another ceremony held next week for the juniors and sophomores.