Mask Mandate

Lizzie Quattlebaum, staff

As of March 30th, the state wide mask mandate was dropped by Governor Asa Hutchinson. Some businesses can still ask you to wear them and it is asked that that rule be respected and complied with. 

According to KATV channel 7 news, the Governor has said that cities can continue to require masks if they want to; Fayetteville and Little Rock have chosen to keep their mask mandate. 

News sent out from the Cabot School District announced that the school board voted on the current requirement of masks and has now made wearing them optional. They understand that parents have different thoughts on the subject and that was taken into consideration under this decision. Social distancing and hand washing are still going to be encouraged and practiced. The board members will closely monitor the numbers at each school and will be ready to reinstate if needed. Masks will no longer be required at any school event indoor or outdoor. 

If students or staff feel more comfortable still wearing masks it is encouraged that they do what makes them comfortable. It is asked to be considerate of the people who choose to wear their masks still.