Senior Series: Pass It On

The following responses are based upon the Seniors’ answers to ‘What do you think you are known for and who would you pass that title to’.


Jenna Ashmore- “ being loving and accepting” to Jessie Freeman. 

Jayden Hannah- “being athletic and fun” to her little sister in middle school.

Zach Hardcastle- “the funny guy, the crazy hype man at football games, also someone who knows everyone and is cool with everyone. I don’t have any problems with anyone at school so I’m friendly to whoever I come across” to Levi Griffin.

Lillian Childress- “the nice senior” to Zoe Massey. 

Jakob Parks- “athlete” to Braden Jay.

Brookelyn Mitchell- “I think I’m known for being really involved around school! Whether it be with volunteer projects, AP classes, band, theatre etc. I always have so much on my plate through various projects” to Olivia Benefield. 

Will Adcock- “being a pilot” to his sister, she’ll be a freshman next year.

Cooper Melder- “CHTV Sports Broadcaster” to Ian Vance. 

Laina Evans- “great attitude and manners” to her little brother Landon Evans. 

Abby Witcher- “being a good friend” to her little brother.

Chaz Eddy- “being a cool dude and not having beef with anyone, also Bryant Eddy’s brother” to his little brother Blaiklen who will be a sophomore next year.

Haven Beasley- “being the guy that just fully sends it” to Jackson Martin.

Eliza Smith- “energy, kindness, love for band” to Rebecca Davis. 

Nick Mattison- “my personality and being able to talk to anyone about anything” to Jesse. 

Josi Deck- “being a big band nerd” to Mallory Jones.

Ella Hollingshed- “most spirited student section leader” to Reese Turner.  

Harlie Mccraw- “being a good friend and the person people can lean on” to my little brother. 

Debra Evans- “being bubbly and being able to sing” to Madeline Mott. 

Lily Wilborn- “being super mega ultra swag” to my little sister Kate Wilborn.

Ryan Ware- “my overall kindness, friendly attitude and energy that I give off” to Logan MacConaugha. 

Gyuheon Oh- “smartest” to Jiwon Park.

Savanna Wilson- “Realest person on the dance team” to Lexi Lockwood.

Lexi Stoll- “talking and being nice to everyone” to Jillian Chaldean.

Ally Smith- “drumline mom” to Anna West. 

Jessica Waltrip- “being the mom of the group” to Hunter Garigga. 

Matthew Mashburn Jr- “group commander for JROTC” to Jacob Bear. 

Hewitt Helton- “playing football all my life and then doing cheer as a senior” to Aaron Pena. 

Auston Melton- “that one normal person” to Katie Minge. 

Macey Jasmin- “my determination” to Andrea Lefevre. 

Chloé Veuleman- “always being injured, I’m returning from surgery in a sling or wheelchair or about to have another surgery” to Taylor Winn. 

Savannah Beaupre- “most dramatic pessimist” to Guillermo Suarez-Vierra. 

Austyn Braddy- “positive energy” to Kailyn Braddy. 

Landon Meek- “athletics, helping people, comedian” to Noah Yates. 

Jack Starnes- “I do teacher of the week and I’m social” to Xander Hill. 

Shiloh Jacob- “I had a stroke, being in band and part of drumline” the band part to Emily Berry.

Jordan Freeman- “nonchalant humor and ability to not be uptight or serious” to Mark Ledbetter. 

Casey Calvert- “kind hearted, trustful person, loyal” to Russell Colton. 

Leyton Spencer- “work ethic” to Cash Tarvin.

Bryce Johnston- “I am very funny” to Tyler Baugus.

Kenzie Knaack- “being a leader and being loud” to Karis Martin.

TJ Dulin- “student section leader” to Thomas Hill. 

Kylie Fraizer- “always being in a bad mood” to Mattison Goetz.

Patrick Emery- “Most Rebellious” to a friend.

Hannah Hawkins- “The bowling team” Alisha Thomsom and Hannah Cogburn. 

Sage Steadman- “in school known as the quiet gay kid out of school same thing” Jace Armstrong. 

Gaven Minteer- “For caring about everyone I come in contact with and not caring about other people’s opinions” to Rayven Minteer. 

Nicole Hinshaw- “I’m known for being the mom friend in the band” to someone that will eventually take over.

Juliana Alcantara- “JROTC’s Honor Guard Commander” to Logan Scott.

Kayden Guenzel- “I believe that most known for being there for anyone that needs a friend. I always want someone to know that i’m there for them through any challenge they may have” someone that deserves this. 

Matthew Lambert- “being a funny weirdo” to Zachary Legree.