Seal Of Biliteracy

Lizzie Quattlebaum, staff

Cabot High students Esmeralda Alfonso, Valeria Fernandez, Emely Garay, Guillermo Suarez Vieira and Carmen Trejo-Trejo have earned the Seal of Biliteracy.  This award is given to students who have studied and succeeded in two or more languages before graduating high school.These are the first students from Cabot High school to receive this award. 

“Getting the Seal of Biliteracy was a simple process, I submitted an application with my Spanish AP scores as well as an essay on the way my bilingual skills have helped me. I felt pretty doubtful about receiving the award; however, I was delightfully surprised when I received the email,” junior Esmeralda Alfonso said.

Many families are bilingual or don’t speak English at home so learning it can be a challenge for students. 

“Mastering English had to have been one of my hardest moments. Growing up we only spoke Spanish at home and at school I would speak english only and having to manage both was like living a double life,” junior Emely Garay said. 

There are a lot of opportunities available for bilingual students, most jobs find it a plus if their employees can speak more than one language.

 “I wanted this because I realize how important it is to know more than one language; it can help you reach spaces that might otherwise be limited by a language barrier, whether it be a connection, an advantage in the school and work fiend, or a richer understanding, senior Valeria Fernandez said.