This Guy is Retired

Tiana Olguin, staff

On December 16, the choir sang a special goodbye to our Broadcasting teacher, Mr. Chuck  Massey. He retired after working 32 years at the high school. Heart broken but excited Mr. Massey and broadcasting gathered around to hear a remix of a well known song, “Girl on fire” by Alica Keys. It was transformed to “This guy is retired” by the CHS Choir. After the song was performed, tears were shed all over from students and Mr. Massey.

“This was most definitely the best way to have retired. Tears can never express how grateful I am to work with such an amazing group of students for as long as I did,” Massey stated. 

Massey became more than just their teacher to many of his students.  

  “Before Mr. Massey, I didn’t have a teacher at the school I was close with like everyone else and after I met him I could tell him anything,” senior Jack Starnes states.