Club Rush 2021

Ella Peppers, Fine Arts Editor

Club Rush will be hosted on Sept. 1 in the courtyard during the first and second lunch. Assistant Principal SueAnne Whisker is in charge of the Club Rush.

The Club Rush is a big hit every year, with almost all students joining at least one club every year. This year’s Club Rush will be just as active as past years.  Students will have the option to take a break from their lunch to go check out the clubs and find those students are interested in.

“I love joining clubs because it’s good for my future in college and I get to hangout with my friends,” junior Keira English said.

Joining Clubs is beneficial for students. Clubs help keep them active all year. Students can learn new hobbies and make new friends. There are a selection of clubs that allow students to earn graduation cords for their membership in that club.

Clubs provide an opportunity for students to interact with others who have similar interests and this provides them a method to extend their friend groups by meeting new people. Clubs also give students the opportunity for service projects to give back to their community as well as take on leadership roles that will help build their resumes and skills for the future,” AP Whisker said.

There are 51 clubs active and available for students to join. Each club has something to offer, but the most popular ones are National Honor Society, Key Club and Mu Alpha Theta.

“I’m in the NHS club to help me get a better scholarship to go to my dream college,” senior Finn Martin said.