Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Kathryn Bland, Editor

October is Domestic Violence Awareness month. Domestic Violence rates in Arkansas can only be described as appalling. It is not only an issue for women and children, but men as well. One in four men have experienced domestic intimate partner violence in their lifetime. There are many resources available for victims of domestic violence, including the Lonoke County Safe Haven here, in Cabot, Arkansas. 


Statistics show that over 35% of both men and women have experienced domestic violence in Arkansas. With rates as high as they are, more and more people feel that there is a need for awareness. 

“I feel that there should be more access to mental health services that can prevent individuals from harming others, “ junior Alexis Reedy said.


Many communities across the state have outreach programs to help victims find refuge, and get them back on their feet. Women & Children First is an organization that has created the Arkansas Coalition Against Domestic Violence, which has helped hundreds of victims of domestic violence. Their website includes “Escape Now” tabs, live chat with advocates, and legal resources. 


Domestic violence is a growing issue, and being a victim of it is nothing to be ashamed of. There are resources available throughout the state, and even the community.