New York Adventures

Ella Peppers, Fine Arts Editor

The Cabot band’s Wind Symphony prepared to perform at Carnegie Hall in New York on December 15.

The wind symphony rehearsed for their performance starting at the beginning of this school year. For weeks during marching band season, Carnegie Hall rehearsals would be during the school day. 

“When our band director announced that we were going to be performing at Carnegie Hall in New York, I was immediately thrilled, but I also knew that it was going to take a lot of time and effort. Even with all the excessive amount of practice we had, I enjoyed every second and can’t believe I’ll already be performing in a few days,” junior Lain Spencer said. 

Students in the Wind Symphony 2020-2021 band played in the concert that band director Rusty Hart submitted to a different audience. Judges at Carnegie Hall liked the concert and invited them to play there instead. 

“This took a lot of preparation on picking the right music that fits the strengths of the band. The way you look at bands, you can project from year to year how good the next group of kids are going to be. I knew, just based on who was gonna probably be in the group, that it was gonna be a really good and talented group. There was a lot of community and administrative support from the school, everybody’s so excited,” band director Rusty Hart said.