Kicking Off the New Year!

Ariel Lopez - Lagunes, Student Life Reporter

As a new month arrives, start off with a worldwide holiday known as New Year’s Day. On that day people celebrate the new year with fireworks and a kiss from a significant other. In other countries it may be different, such as South Africa, in which they hold an annual carnival. People in Denmark smash dishes on someone’s front porch, and lastly, people in Portugal celebrate by eating 12 grapes; one for each month. 

Most celebrate the New Years by being at home with their families watching the event on Television.

“On New Year’s Eve my family and I went to Oklahoma City and spent the week there,” senior Trinity Milbily said.

The New Year also brings New Year resolutions, in which people make a change for themselves for the New Year, stating the famous line ‘New year, New me’.

“My resolution is to take it easy, be less stressed, and relax more,” senior Elijah Spaw said.

Many want a physical change such as losing weight or getting a new style for the new year. 

”My resolution is to be stronger and built,” senior Edgar Avalos said .

Dia de los Reyes Magos is a holiday celebrated on the 6th of January by Hispanic communities across the Americas. The Holiday is known as a Christian feast day in which they  celebrated the revelation of God incarnating into Jesus Christ. 

A group of people will cut a piece of bread in the shape of an oval that contains at least three miniature babies. Each person who receives a baby is obligated to cook a meal for the rest who didn’t get a baby. Receiving the baby is known as not a good thing, but some people see it as an opportunity to eat their favorite meals. 

“It felt like a surprise and I was mad, but I was ready for the feast,” senior Oscar Alvidrez said. 

Some people were happy about receiving the baby.

 “I felt happy, because I got to make food for my family and eat what I want, chipotle chicken flatbread wrap,” junior Pablo Lemus said.

Martin Luther King Jr is an American Activist who fought for Civil Rights. On August 28, 1963 he gave a speech for the world to witness: I have a dream speech. MLK day is celebrated on January 17th; two days after his birthday. Martin Luther King Jr has fought for a life in which everyone would be together, learn together, and play together. 

Movies and shows such as Selma have depicted the life of Martin Luther King. 

“I like to watch movies like Harriet and Selma; I’m also going to listen to some iconic Martin Luther King Jr speeches,” senior Mailys Timothee said. 

Martin Luther King Jr helped create the civil rights act of 1962, which prohibits discrimination based on race, color, religion, gender, or national orgin. He would then win a Nobel-Prize for his actions as leader and role model.