Valentines Day!

Ariel Lopez-Lagunes, Student Life Reporter

Valentine’s Day is held every year on February 14th, in which we would show romance and affection to our loved ones. The history of where it originated is unknown, but there are many stories of how it could have originated.

One theory comes from a man who performed secret marriages for couples in the third century in Rome. According to, the reason St. Valentine did this was that the Roman Empire believed that unmarried men would make better soldiers than married men, but St. Valentine believed in love. 

St. Valentine was executed for his actions when caught.

“I think he was in the right, a married man has more to fight for than a man in war,” junior Matthew Hill said. 

Today the world celebrates Valentine’s Day with romance and affection to their significant others, or to family and friends. Schools will have parties where students exchange cards and candy with other students, such as friends or one they have been feeling for. 

“I’m attending Valentine’s party in my yearbook class, and I bought gifts for my friends,” senior Caitie Curtis said. 

Valentine’s Day does not always mean love from a significant other, it means love from loved ones such as friends and family. 

“It’s an every year tradition to wake up with a box of chocolates from my parents,” senior Alee Sowell said.