Greyson Goddard: Flying Above and Beyond

Ella Peppers , Fine Arts Editor

Senior Grayson Goddard received a $200 thousand Navy ROTC scholarship to Texas A&M University on January 19. Goddard’s scholarship is 94% higher than the average scholarship to Texas A&M. 

Goddard plans on becoming a Navy pilot and majoring in chemical engineering. To get a scholarship of this caliber, Goddard worked hard in his Pre-AP and AP classes throughout his high school career.

“To get a scholarship this big I had to work really hard for years. It’s not every day I can get an opportunity like this,” senior Grayson Goddard said.

Currently, Goddard’s AP classes will earn him college credits. Passing the AP exam at the end of the year will let him earn hours for that college class. On average only 38% of students take the AP exam and his teachers helped carve the way into getting this scholarship and are extremely proud of him.

“Grayson is a great student. I’m extremely happy for him, and he deserves every penny. He put in all of the hard work and has shown the drive to get to this point. It’s fun to see his work pay off, quite literally,” chemistry teacher Brandon Daughety said.