Senior Spotlight: College Choices!

Kathryn Bland, Editor

The Class of 2023 is about to graduate and graduating seniors are heading into the real world for a taste of adulthood, many students plan on going to college. Seniors deserve recognition after spending thirteen-years working toward graduation. The following students shared their future plans:

Evan Chism- Arkansas State University in Jonesboro because I love the atmosphere there

Katelyn Stump- Arkansas State because I love the location and the campus. I also love the student and social life that they offer.

Jocelyn Caffey- Don’t plan to go to college but instead do a tattoo apprenticeship.

Josephine Hefner- Lyon College – I chose Lyon because the staff and administration have gone out of their way to make me feel welcome. It’s a small, liberal arts school as well, and I believe the best education for me would be obtained at such a campus.

Lauren Hubbard- University of Arkansas because it has all of the components I am looking for

Laurel Simmons- BYU- Idaho, I choose it because it’s a safe little church school.

Stephanie Todd- Pictured- Stephen F. Austin State University. I chose this school because of its Forestry department, smaller classes and because it’s close to home while still being out of state. I fell in love with the town’s history and its local shops and activities.

Caitlin Peters- University of Arkansas Fayetteville. I’ll be close to family.

Isabel Carpenter- Pictured- Arkansas Tech University because they have a good business department and it seemed to provide me with the most opportunities.

Finn Tisdale- Arkansas Tech University. I love the school and the campus

Lindsay Hague- University of Central Florida- In the heart of Orlando, Florida, UCF has a plethora of opportunities to give within the entertainment industry, which is what I wish to pursue a career in. The campus is beautiful and everyone is so friendly!!

Alondra Garcia- University of Central Arkansas!! I chose it because it has a great Music program and a great Band!! I also knew from a certain age I was destined to be a purple bear.

Sydney Fortson- Arkansas State University at Jonesboro. I picked this ASU mainly because of their band program and they gave me a good band scholarship.

Joshua Carrales- Pictured- Arkansas State University Beebe

Bethanie Yanke- I plan to attend AState because I wanted the home away from home experience and I feel like I will fit in with the community.

Hope Montoya- Arkansas Tech University because they have a good stem program.

Taylor Hanners- Rochester Institute of Technology because it offers everything I want in a school

Savvy Hamm- ASU- Beebe due to the cost and the option to be able to live at home

Natalie Carrier- I plan on attending ATU in the fall and majoring in pre-pharmacy.

Jacob Ocampo- ASU Beebe, I chose it because it’s cheaper than other colleges

Katelynn Hook- Pictured -UCA

Megan Dedmon- ASU in Beebe

Zakery Armstrong- I plan to start my college career at ASU-Beebe since it is much closer to home

Maddie Van Winkle- Arkansas State University- good nursing program

Alee Sowell- ASU Beebe, it is very affordable for a two-year school.  Then I plan on possibly going to the University of Alaska Southeast, I would like to be closer to my family. I miss the scenery, the smallness of the town, I miss the snow.

Cadence Counts- The University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. I chose this school because of its band and Colorguard programs.

Kacie Estes- I plan on attending the University of Arkansas because I was accepted into the Walton School of Business honors college and its program will provide me with many great opportunities.

Tyler Langley- Jacksonville welding academy

Jake Hicks- Arkansas Fire Academy

Tyler Hill- Southern Nazarene University in Bethany Oklahoma. I have always wanted to go there because they have always come to Church Camps. 

Autumn Bivins- Pictured- I plan on attending the University of Central Arkansas. I chose to go here because of the numerous people telling me how good of a school it is, and how wonderful the nursing program is there.

Jose Hernandez- Pictured- Arkansas State University

Jazmyne Hendrix- ASU Beebe, I chose this school because it is not an expensive school and it is a good option for my prereqs.

Andrea Lefevre- University of Arkansas- Fayetteville

Adam Murdock- ASU Beebe and UCA because it’s cheap.

Anna Fisher- University of Central Arkansas. It has a great educational program and it would be great for my future career.

Nate Dixon- Pulaski Tech University. Because I want to do mechanical work

Christian Lynch- I would choose Central Baptist because I thought it would be a Christian thing

Maddison Pedersen- I chose ATU because their nursing program is good.

Korey Grimes- Either SAU or A state, I chose these because they were my two options from the start and I have a lot of friends going to those colleges.

Colton groves- ASU Beebe

Loyal Bunce- Arkansas Welding Academy

Alexander Bayles- U.S.L Beebe

Tristan Brown- SAU it is a school that has an amazing band program and trap shooting

Allie Pruett- ASUB

Breanna Miller- Arkansas State University Beebe

Abi Muse- UCA and because I wanted a full college experience but didn’t want to go far from home, also my brother goes there and loves it

Hunter Wessel- Pictured- Arkansas State University to major in Environmental Science

Amber Jared- Pictured – University of Arkansas because it has a good community with lots of research opportunities

Ashleigh White- Arkansas Tech- good nursing program, affordable, close to home

Connor Reid- I plan to attend the University of Texas Tyler. I plan to attend this university because of its renowned construction management program and soccer team.

Angelina Malin- Pictured- ASU Beebe for Criminal Justice, then I’ll transfer to UAMS. I’m going to ASU Beebe first because I have a full ride and will knock out my basics there.

Andrew McConaughy- ASU Beebe  because it is close to home

Chloe Bishop- ASU Beebe because it’s local

Bree Raml- ASU Beebe because I wanted to stay close to home for a couple of years and then transfer to UCA

Kinley Siepert- Arkansas State University in Jonesboro because it is close to my family and  I love the town of Jonesboro. 

Jordan LaBreck- I plan on attending UCA for the cybersecurity program.

Guillermo Suárez Vieira- The University of Chicago, because I really like the city and the programs of study available at the university.

Emily Mcclendon- I plan to go to Beebe university ASU because it’s very close to home and very cheap. I will get my Basics when I am in Beebe then I will plan to go to Louisiana Tech to get my teaching degree 

Will Bevis- Pictures- University of Arkansas

Trinity Chaney- I chose Arkansas State University due to its course selection and its student body.

Rachel Riles- ASU Beebe

Mattison Goetz- Pulaski tech, going to get my prerequisites for medical school

Karmyn Dillingham- UCA

Kelsey Dawson- Arkansas State- Jonesboro

Maxie Hughes- I plan to attend UCA because of its human relations courses and psychology courses offered. It is close but not too close to my home town and offers plenty of opportunities.

Brianna Patrick- Arkansas State University- Jonesboro, I chose to go to Jonesboro because it was closer to home than Fayetteville.

Eliza Derryberry- Central Baptist College. I chose to go there to fulfill my dreams of playing volleyball in college.

Le Wu- Pennsylvania State University. I’m very interested in the history of Philadelphia and Penn State is a large, diverse public university where I should be able to immerse myself and achieve my goals.

Jordan Ramirez- University of Arkansas- Fayetteville; I felt the college had the best opportunities for me in the program I plan to major in.  

Kyla Skinner- Pictured- I plan on attending Brigham Young University because they have great biology and genetic counseling programs.

Madison Elias- I plan on attending ASU-Beebe and then transferring to Arkansas Tech. I chose these schools so I can get a Bachelor of Science in Psychology.

Abigail Goforth- Arkansas State University (Jonesboro) I chose this college because they have a great criminology program and I believe this university has a lot to offer me!

Kaylee Sled- I plan on attending Arkansas State University-Jonesboro because they have a great Radiologic Technology program.

Grace Bear- Pictured -University of Pittsburgh. I chose Pitt because they are credited as an amazing science university. The campus is extremely welcoming and I love cold weather.

Ariel Lopez-Lagunes -ASU Beebe and ATU

Will Bevis
Autumn Bivins
Grace Bear
Joshua Carrales
Katelynn Hook
Jose Hernandez
Amber Jared
Angelina Malin
Kyla Skinner
Stephanie Todd
Hunter Wessel