Senior Spotlight: Scholarship Recognitions

Kathryn Bland, Editor

Many seniors have earned scholarships for their future schooling plans. Earning a scholarship is hard work and these students have worked incredibly hard during their high school careers and that has warranted recognition and congratulations. The following are a few to be congratulated:

Evan Chism- $6,000 Merit Scholarship from Jonesboro.
Katelyn Stump- Red Wolf Grant – $2000 a year.
Josephine Hefner- I have received the Academic Challenge ($1,000), the Lyon Honors Fellowship ($5,000), a Visit grant ($500), and the Lyon Trustee’s scholarship ($16,000). I am working on receiving more.
Lauren Hubbard- I received a scholarship from the University of Arkansas for $2,000.
Stephanie Todd- I’ve received the academic excellence scholarship for $1500 and the school’s timber sales scholarship for $3000.
Caitlin Peters- $3,000 from U of A.
Isabel Carpenter- I have received the 2nd tier academic scholarship at ATU which provides me $7000 per year and the Arkansas Lottery Scholarship.
Finn Tisdale- Yes, One based on academic for 3000$, one for band 1000$.
Lindsay Hague- Miss Arkansas- $4000.
Sydney Fortson- Academic- $2,000 (1,000 a semester) Band: $4,800 ($2,400 a semester).
Bethanie Yanke- Arkansas Workforce Challenge Scholarship-$800 and Military Dependents Scholarship.
Hope Montoya- GPA-based scholarship at ATU for 11,000.
Taylor Hanner- Merit Scholarship for $13,500 per year and a Performing Arts Scholarship for $500 each year.
Savvy Hamm- The Opportunity Scholarship from ASU Beebe to get $1000.
Natalie Carrier- I’ve received an academic scholarship from Arkansas tech for 7,000 annually as well as the Arkansas Lottery.
Zakery Armstrong- I have received the Achievement Scholarship at ASU-Beebe which covers up to 15 hours per semester.
Maddie Van Winkle- FASFA
Cadence Counts- I have received an academic scholarship of $3,000 and a band scholarship of $1,000.
Kacie Estes- I have received the Chancellor’s Community Scholarship for 5,000 a year adding up to 20,000 over 4 years.
Adam Murdock- ASU Band Scholarship $2,500. Trinity Foundation $5,000.
Anna Fisher- Arkansas lottery; Educators rising; UCA foundations scholarship.
Maddison Pederson- Yes I have from ATU but I don’t know how much.
Tristan Brown- Academic for 6500 and music scholarship for 5,000.
Allie Pruett- Academic Scholarship – Full Ride
Breanna Miller- I received one, it was the Beebe scholarship for $1,000.
Abi Muse- I was awarded $11,000 a year from UC.A
Amber Jared- Fellowship for $80,000 and Governor’s Distinguished for $40,000.
Ashleigh White- Gold and green – 8,000 total.
Andrew McConaughy- I have received an academic scholarship that covers my full tuition.
Jordan LaBreck- I have received the Achievement Scholarship ($6,500 annually) and the Schedler Honors College Scholarship ($4000 annually).
Guillermo Suárez Vieira- Yes. The QuestBridge college match for $330,00 and the Arkansas Governor’s Distinguished for $40,000, and I rejected the latter since I am going out of state.
Will Bevis- First-Year Advantage Scholarship for $5,000.
Trinity Chaney- 870 Housing Plan – 3000 freshman year; A-State Heritage Grant – 3000 freshman year.
Karmyn Dillingham- A bunch! Most of them are $4,000 or more!
Kelsey Dawson- Choral grant- 1200; Federal Pell Grant- 5145; Heritage Grant- 2000.
Brianna Patrick- From Jonesboro, I have received the A-STATE Merit Scholarship for $6,000.
Eliza Derryberry- I have been offered academic and athletic scholarships at CBC.
Madison Elias- I received the ASU-Beebe Academic Scholarship which entails my tuition being paid for.
Abigail Goforth- A-STATE MERIT SCHOLARSHIP- $7000.
Grace Bear- I have the Post 9/11 GI Bill so all four years of my undergraduate education are paid for by the US government.

Tristan Brown
Isabel Carpenter
Josephine Hefner
Karmyn Dillingham
Guillermo Suarez Vieira