Senior Spotlight: Wishing Seniors a Happy Sendoff!

Rachel Riles, Student Life Reporter

Every student has wishes that they want to come true. Wishes are something that have given people hope throughout history for their futures and there are many different types of wishes among the senior class of 2022.  

Megan Rice-  The needs and income to be able to own and care for a horse again, and to be able to go horseback riding.

Alexander Bayles- To become very good at writing and worldbuilding.

Jazmyne Hendrix- For my mom to be able to be at my graduation and watch me graduate high school.  

Emily Mcclendon- If I could wish for anything I probably would wish that gas would be cheaper, it would make it easier for people who don’t have high-paying jobs, so they can get to their jobs or go to Walmart to get food. Gas will not be added to their worries.

Grace Bear- No negative thoughts on myself and other things around me. 

Levi Shirley- To have a stable income. 

Jose Hernandez- Have a good secure job.

Anna Fisher- To be successful in my career and future.

Stephanie Todd- I’d wish for me and my family to always have enough money to live comfortably. No more paycheck to paycheck or waiting until next week. 

Bethanie Yanke- If I could wish for anything, I would wish for everyone to have the best life possible, to love with all my heart, and for dreams to always come true.

Jordan Ramirez- Be Successful & Famous. 

Kinley Siepert- World peace. 

Angelina Malin- If I could wish for anything it would have to be me being able to easily go through medical school. It’s incredibly stressful but I already have a glimpse at it since I’m a CNA. I just hope it won’t be too difficult for me to reach my dream job.

Christian Lynch- I would probably wish for cash, plushies, and graphic novels that I want, cars and even helping everybody including my friends and family. 

Lindsay Hague- That every one that I love lives a full and happy life!

Alondra Garcia- To have lots of money.  

Kaylee Sled- I would wish to go back in time and spend a day with my brother and sister like we used to because I don’t see them much anymore and things are very different than they used to be.

Anthony Brannen- One Million Dollars and a Tesla Model X. 

Lauren Hubbard- To be able to go back and fix past mistakes.

Natalie Carrier- For the world to be a better place.

Evan Chism- To live in Iceland.

Bree Raml- To be successful in my life and love my career. 

Maxie Hughes- A million dollars and the ability to travel wherever I wanted without stressing about money or my safety.

Jordan LaBreck- I would wish for some money.

Jacob Ocampo- To not have to work in life, and just stay home.

Tyler Langley- To have my driver’s license.

Abi Muse- To stay right where I am for the rest of my life.

Ashleigh White- A handful of plane tickets to all my dream destinations. 

Trinity Chaney- I would wish for young women around the world to succeed at anything and everything they wanted. 

Cadence Counts- Peace.

Maddie Van Winkle- Free money.

Megan Duke- To get a golden retriever, and raise a farm.

Kyla Skinner- If I could wish for anything, I would wish for world peace and for everyone to be kind to each other.

Katelyn Stump- I would wish for a lot of money and a house on the beach. 

Caitlin Peters- For people to realize that differences in race, religion, sexuality, gender, and capabilities should not divide us but make us stronger.

Katelynn Hook- To be indestructible (Not get hurt).

Savvy Hamm- Be best friends with Harry Styles. 

Finn Tisdale- Money to get new clothes and go to Disney World with my friends. 

Hope Montoya- Happiness.

Guillermo Suárez Vieira- Have lots of information and knowledge available at the university

Tyler Hill- To start my own Surf Shop. 

Alee Sowell- I think I would like to be anywhere at any time or do multiple things at the same time. Like, clone myself so life could be less stressful. 

Connor Reid- I would wish that life and time would slow down, highschool has gone by so fast that there really wasn’t time to sit back and enjoy it.

Maddison Pedersen- To help all homeless. 

Chloe Bishop- To see where I am in 10 years.

Loyal Bunce- I want to be a good welder.

Isabel Carpenter- To be successful and happy with my life and career. Also to be stable enough to support myself and my loved ones.

Jocelyn Caffey- For that someone special in my life to get everything he wishes.

Hunter Wessel- To remain close to all my friends after high school. 

Rachel Riles- I wish I had the motivation to finish whatever I start writing. 

Josephine Hefner- I would wish to abolish the concept of money. Too many problems are caused by monetary greed, and poverty is destructive. I believe that a world without money, albeit unrealistic and most likely chaotic, would alleviate these problems. It would be a perfect world.

Amber Jared- I would wish that I continue to stay happy and successful and live life to the fullest without any regrets for the rest of my life. 

Zakery Armstrong- I wish for people to realize their full potential before it’s too late. 

Autumn Bivins- I would wish for everyone to be successful and happy with their lives. 

Tristan Brown- Easy college classes.

Nate Dixon- Being a mechanic. 

Megan Dedmon- I want to have a lot of cats. 

Colton Groves- I would wish to have a lot of sources of income.

Ethan Carpenter- If I could wish for anything it would be to have more time as a kid/teenager. I only remember bits and pieces of my childhood and honestly only bits and pieces of recent years. I would love to go back and experience that stress-free time again.

Karmyn Dillingham- Success. 

Joshua Carrales- To not have to take 5+ years of college to be a vet tech.

Jhon Gabriel Caramat- Graduate, Become successful, and Healthy Family.

Korey Grimes- To be 6’6 and a D1 athlete in Basketball.

Madyson Davis- That everybody smiles.

Brianna Patrick- A full ride to college. 

Hayden Phillips- Infinite money. 

Will Bevis- Be successful.

Eliza Derryberry- A full ride to college.

Andrew McConaughy- I wish my biological dad could be here to see me graduate.

Mattison Goetz- Free college and all expenses paid. 

Taylor Hanners- I have everything I want.

Andrea Lefevre- A happy and successful life.

Abigail Goforth- To remain close to my family even when I am away at college.

Hunter Rodriguez- Everything to be alright.

Kacie Estes- A full ride to college :).

Marcus Wood- To wish for everyone in life to forgive everyone and to keep everyone happy and having fun. 

Jake Hicks- Some cash ((anything helps) Cashapp: $trapnerd12).

Kelsey Dawson- To be stress-free.

Sydney Fortson- I would wish for a healthy future.  

Breanna Miller- To have one more day with my momma <3.

Ariel Lopez- A lot of money daily. 

Hunter Rodriguez
Eliza Derryberry
Alexander Bayles
Maxie Hughes
Isabel Carpenter