Senior Spotlight: College Signing Day

Rachel Riles, Student Life Reporter

College Signing Day took place Wednesday, April 4, when 13 Cabot High School Seniors signed the scholarships to their respective colleges. The seniors who were in attendance are listed down below.  


Adreya Braddy- ASU

Eliza Derryberry- Central Baptist College 

Cole Eason- OBU 

Brianna Garriga- ASU

Landon Hardister- Hendrix 

Baylee Jost- Wittenberg University

Karis Martin- OBU

Jasmine McDonald- ASU

Micah Morrison- Lyon College 

Paige Pierpoint- ASU

Hayden Prewitt- SAU Tech 

Kaden Smith- SAU Tech 

Conner Titus-  Highland CC 

There are many things one has to consider when choosing a college. Location, people, and subjects can all be determining factors when selecting the ideal college. “I chose to go to A-State because I had a lot of knee injuries but I still wanted to do something with sports. I started a sports program and found my passion for athletic training,” senior Jasmine McDonald said.
Many people get nervous when doing something big in front of a crowd. For the seniors who signed to college, it was no different. “I was very nervous doing it in front of so many people, but also very excited because it was also one step closer to my future,” senior Adreya Braddy said.