Senior Spotlight: Senior Career Paths

Ella Peppers, Fine Arts Editor

Senior Career Paths
Senior year is all about figuring out what career path students want to take. It starts with signing up for classes that spark their interest or are required to graduate. Their senior year goal is to sign up for the school that suits them best to achieve their dream job. These paths help them achieve their career goals in the field they enjoy.


“Teaching,” Trinity Chaney said.
“Forensic Anthropology,” Josephine Hefner said.
“Art education,” Laurel Simmons said.
“Therapy,” Caitlin Peters said.
“Travel Entertainment,” Tyler Hill said.
“Music Education,” Alondra Garcia said.
“Vet Tech,” Joshua Carrales said.
“Secondary Education for Math,” Hope Montoya said.
Engineering,” Jacob Ocampo said.
“Vet tech,” Megan Duke said.
“Oil field,” Hayden Phillips said.
“Communication Disorders,” Sydney Fortson said.
“Any kind of construction job Ex: plumbing, electric, heat and air, But my real goal is to be a firefighter,” Ethan Carpenter said.
“Nurse,” Autumn Bivins said.
“Business,” Cadence Counts said.
“Welding,” Tyler Langley said.
“Sports medicine/ physical therapist,” Jose Hernandez said.
“Business or Marketing,” John Gabriel Caramat said.
“Construction,” Levi Shirley said.
“Business or Marketing,” John Gabriel Caramat said.“3D Design and Art,” Anthony Brannen said.
“I’m planning on going into environmental sciences, hopefully as a park interpreter or in the logging field,” Stephanie Todd said.
“General manager, racing, art or theater,” Christian Lynch said.
“I am going into the military,” Korey Grimes said.
“Wielding,” Loyal Bunce said.
“Author,” Alexander Bayles said.
“Elementary Education,” Breanna Miller said.
“Forensic Pathology,” Angelina Malin said.
“Environmental Science,” Hunter Wessel said.
“Construction Management,” Connor Reid said.
“Business management,” Chloe Bishop said.
“Workforce one day get my electrical lincions,” Marcus Wood said.
“Something in the tech field,” Jordan LaBreck said.
“Teaching,” Emily Mcclendon said.
“Anything based on English,” Rachel Riles said.
“Teacher,” Kelsey Dawson said.
“Psychiatrist or social work/counseling,” Maxie Hughes said.
“Financial analyst or auditor,” Le Wu said.
“Nursing,” Karmyn Dillingham said.
“Criminal Justice Field,” Abigail Goforth said.
“Dentistry,” Grace Bear said.
“Tattoo artists,” Jocelyn Caffey said.
“I plan on becoming a Forensic Nurse,” Lauren Hubbard said.
“Music Education,” Finn Tisdale said
“I plan to enter accounting,” Isabel Carpenter said.
“Film Acting,” Lindsay Hague said.
“Interior design and architecture,” Andrea Lefevre said.
“Clinical Psychologist,” Taylor Hanners said.
“Pre-Pharmacy,” Natalie Carrier said.
“I want to be in the Military,” Megan Dedmon said.
“Surgeon,” Amber Jared said.
“Music Education,” Adam Murdock said.
“Psychology,” Zakery Armstrong said.
“Nursing,” Maddie Van Winkle said.
“Ultrasound Technician,” said Alee Sowell.
“I want to study international business and find a job that allows me to travel,” Kacie Estes said.
“Firefighting,” Jake Hicks said.
“Nursing,” Bethanie Yanke said.
“Middle/Higher education teacher,” Anna Fisher said.
“Being a Mechanic,” Nate Dixon said.
“Accountant,” Brianna Patrick said.
“Biology/Medicine,” Guillermo Suárez Vieira said.
“Photography and possibly horse/dog training,” Megan Rice said.
“Dental Hygiene,” Jazmyne Hendrix said.
“Something in nursing,” Maddison Pedersen said.
“Medical Laboratory Technology,” Savvy Hamm said.
“Hvac/welding,” Colton Groves said.
“Massage therapy,” Madyson davis said.
“Choral Education,” Allie Pruett said.
“Nursing,” Ashleigh White said.
“Trade,” Hunter Rodriguez said.
“Journalism,” Andrew McConaughy said.
“Education to be a teacher,” Bree Raml said.
“Speech Pathologist,” Kinley Siepert said.
“Genetic Counseling,” Kyla Skinner said.
“Air Force,” Brendan Urbach said.
“Optometrist,” Eliza Derryberry said.
“Film,” Ariel Lopez said.
“Marketing,” Abi Muse said.
“Insurance,” Will Bevis said.
“Nursing,” Mattison Goetz said.
“Agriculture- Crop Science,” Jordan Ramirez said.
“Therapist/Social Worker/etc,” Madison Elias said.
“Radiologic Technology, emphasis on MRI,” Kaylee Sled said.

Sydney Fortson
Anthony Brannen
Adam Murdock
Anna Fisher
Kyla Skinner