Panthers Shut Out Gryphons 41-0

Kathryn Bland, Editor

The Cabot Panthers, ranked number 4 in the 7a division, played the Little Rock Southwest Gryphons, ranked number 14 in the 7a division, this past Thursday, September 29th. After the Panthers’ blowout win against the Jonesboro Hurricanes, and the added excitement of their star quarterback, Abe Owen’s birthday they were eager to reign triumphant once more.

Within the first three minutes, the Panthers drew first blood with #11 Austin Robertson receiving the first TD. #84 Kade Martin followed with an attempted extra point, but for only the second time this season missed it. The next half of the first quarter was spent fighting for yardage, with Cabot ultimately winning that fight scoring another TD at three minutes and 33 seconds remaining. #20 Evion Jimmerson walked in the second TD, which was followed by a good extra point by Martin, atoning his previous fumble. The Panthers left the first quarter with a lead of 13-0.

Panthers once again scored a TD within a few minutes of the second quarter, with #12 Abe Owen running in his first TD of the night, Martin was able to follow with a good extra point once more. #15 Hayes Cox was able to find a hole and run in the Panthers’ fourth TD of the game running it in from the 10-yard line. Cox’s TD was followed by yet another good extra point by Martin. #81 Gavin Reardon rushed the next TD, receiving the pass from Owen, who passed three and rushed one TD in the first half of the game. Martin once again gained the extra point with his signature kick. The Panthers left for halftime with a lead of 34-0.

Halftime saw the presentation of the Gryphons 2022 Homecoming Court followed by a short performance by their band.

Coming back from halftime the Panthers rested key players and substituted some with the newer sophomores and juniors, allowing them to gain experience and run the ball. #13 Austin Ryals made a 65-yard run after recovering a punt return. Ryals was able to make it to the in-zone and seemingly scored a TD, his play was flagged for “holding” and the Panthers were sent back to the 44-yard line with their TD recalled. This is not the first time that Ryals has made such an explosive play only to be flagged, in the September 16th game against the Bentonville West Wolverines he made an 80-yard play ending with a TD, only for a flag to rescind the TD on a “personal foul”. Shortly after, #21 Owen Horn scored the next, and the last TD of the game at 30 seconds left of the 3rd quarter, Martin once again kicked a good extra point. Leaving the score 41-0. The fourth quarter was spent running more inexperienced players, with the Gryphons almost scoring a TD, but ultimately failing.

The Panthers won their first shut-out game of the season with a final score of 41-0. Their next game will be against the Conway Wampus Cats, who are ranked 2 in the 7a division, on Friday, October 7th, 2022.