Major Catfight- Panthers vs. Wampus Cats

Kathryn Bland, Editor

On Friday, October 7th the Cabot Panthers and Wampus Cats got into a major catfight, with the Wampus Cats holding the number two spot in the 7a division and the Panthers holding number 3. The game was highly anticipated with Cabot School Officials worrying about reaching maximum capacity and encouraging fans to buy tickets beforehand. As the stadium filled, chants and cheers could be heard encouraging the teams, the Panther Student Section was exceptionally rowdy and provided major encouragement for the Panthers.

The first quarter of the game was tense, with each team trying to gain insight into the other’s tactics. Panthers drew first blood at 3 minutes and 41 seconds left on the clock, with #12 Abe Owen running it in. This was followed by a legendary #84 Kade Martin extra point. Owen once again was able to score a rushing touchdown at 1 minute and 41 seconds left on the clock, his second rushing TD of the night. Martin once again followed with a good extra point, leaving the Panthers in the lead 14-0 by the second quarter.

Wampus Cats were able to score their first TD at 11 minutes 16 seconds left on the clock of the second quarter. Panthers offensive lineman #79 Nicholas Hazeslip is a key player in creating holes in the defense that allows Owen to make his astounding plays. At 3 minutes and 1 second left of the second quarter, Owen ran in his third rushing touchdown of the night. The Panthers were once again able to rely on Martin for a good extra point, which he delivered. Wampus Cats scored their second touchdown of the night at 1 minute 41 seconds left on the clock. The Wampus Cat extra point was blocked by the Panthers, leaving the score 21-13 at halftime.

Panthers were the first to score in the second half at 6 minutes and 5 seconds on the clock, with Owen scoring his first passing TD of the game, with #81 Gavin Reardon receiving it. Martin once again was able to score the extra point. Soon after, Wampus Cats attempted to seek redemption by rushing the ball in an exceptional play ending in a touchdown at 5 minutes and 55 seconds. The Wampus Cats’ play was incredibly similar to those of Cabot’s #13 Austin Ryals. 

Panthers scored the first TD of the fourth quarter at 5 minutes 27 seconds, with #20 Evion Jimmerson rushing it in. The TD was followed by yet another Martin extra point. This was the only touchdown of the quarter, but it was all that was needed for the Panthers to prove their worth and win the catfight 35-20. The Panthers’ next game will be their Homecoming Game, on October 14th at Cabot High School against Little Rock Central.

Nick Hazeslip

Evion Jimmerson

Christopher Baxter and Garrett Leidy