Panthers Get Stung by Hornets

Kathryn Bland, Editor

Cabot Panthers went up against the Bryant Hornets this past Friday, October 21st. Hoping not to 

get stung by the Hornets who ranked #1 in the 7a Division, the Panthers ranked #2 were determined to strike first. Adding to the pressure of the intense game, the University of Arkansas’s Head Football Coach, Sam Pittman, made a scouting appearance.


Panthers drew first blood with #12, Abe Owen, finding a defensive hole to rush the ball and score a touchdown at 2:32 seconds left of the first quarter. #84 Kade Martin subsequently kicked a good extra point. Hornet’s defense was determined to dampen Owen’s flame, sacking him 4 times by the end of the second quarter. Owen had previously been sacked only 8 times throughout this season, a major offensive flaw for the Panthers. The Hornets scored their first touchdown at 10:55 left in the first half. With the score being 7-7, the Hornets were desperate for a lead at halftime, deciding to attempt a field goal at the 35 yd line. The attempt was successful and led to the Hornets gaining a 3-point lead over the Panthers. 


With both teams being incredibly successful, the third quarter saw no points scored. While both of the teams made great plays, the matchup proved to be too good of one. Neither team saw substantial gains, but the Panthers possessed the ball at the end of the 3rd quarter and the beginning of the 4th. #15 Hayes Cox was able to catch a huge pass thrown by Owen at the 15 yd line. #20 Evion Jimerson was passed the ball and the Panthers clawed at the chance of scoring their second touchdown to no avail. To tie up the score Martin attempted a 21-yard field goal that was good, leaving the score 10-10 at 8:03 in the fourth quarter. The Hornets were able to score their second touchdown at 5:31 seconds, the extra point was good, leaving the score 10-17. The Hornets scored their third touchdown at 1:59 remaining in the game, leaving the score 10-24. The Cabot Panthers decided to try for a Hail Mary play, which almost happened but was just out of the grasp of #1, Christopher Baxter. 


The Panthers suffered their first conference game loss of the season with a final score of 10-24. The Panthers’ next game will be on October 28th against the Northside Bears.